Check out All of the New Weapons the Navy Is Fast-Tracking to the Battlefield

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Check out All of the New Weapons the Navy Is Fast-Tracking to the Battlefield

A grab-bag of destruction.

WASHINGTON – Hypersonic attack weapons, laser-armed surface ships, F-35 equipped amphibious assault ships, new long-range radar, Tomahawk missiles built to attack moving targets, and drone fleets are all key emerging technologies woven into the Navy's new offensive attack strategy, designed to prepare for and win the wars of the future, Navy senior leaders said. Kris Osborn at Warrior Maven reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

27 Jan. 2020 -- "Today we are moving to the offensive," says Navy Vice Adm. Rich Brown, commander of U.S. Naval Surfaces Forces. The concept is grounded on a paradox ... be ready to fight and kill today and tomorrow ... to keep the peace.

Brown says the "Navy was now putting lasers on ships," adding that the maritime strike Tomahawk, SM-6 missile, DDG Flight III destroyers, and the new, far more sensitive SPY-6 radar.

The Tomahawk missile has been one of the Navy's effective attack weapons for decades, providing the technical basis for the Navy's current effort to fast-track the Maritime Strike Tomahawk. This new weapon takes the existing Block IV Tomahawk to a new level by adding new seeker and guidance technology - enabling the weapon to hit moving targets at sea.

This article by John Keller originally appeared on Military & Aerospace Electronics in 2019.

Image: Reuters.