Christmas Is Coming: Top 10 Gifts for the Gun Owner in Your Life

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Christmas Is Coming: Top 10 Gifts for the Gun Owner in Your Life

Get them a gift they will appreciate. Here is our list. 

Key point: There are a wide range of products at different prices that you can get to put under the Christmas tree.

Guns are like potato chips; you can’t have just one. Any gun owner usually has an arsenal stashed in their homes, or, hopefully, where it’s safest to keep them.

When looking for the best gifts to give the gun lovers in your life though, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. So here we have collected a list of items related to guns and their accessories. But there’s more! We’ve also included some gift items that are fun and witty, and will undoubtedly be appreciated by any gun lover.

If you’re wondering where to start your gift search for a gun lover in your life, then you’ve come to the right place! We have everything from the necessities, like cleaning kits and holders, to simple, enjoyable accessories, like bullet key chains, bullet ice molds, decors, and even more than that.

Check below to find the perfect gift your gun lover friend or relative will treasure.


Long Range Shooting Handbook

The Long Range Shooting handbook is simply put the most popular precision rifle shooting book that you can get. If you know someone who owns a long range scope, they need to know how to use it, right? That’s why investing in a b

It has been a #1 bestselling book on Amazon for over ghree years straight. Selling over 65,000 copies, it has raised tens of thousands of dollars for military charities. It’s a quality handbook as well.

This book is aimed (yes, pun intended) at presenting long range shooting in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner.

Most instructors of long range shooting either make it WAY too complicated or don’t really understand it and are firing off (another pun intended) rote lessons and facts they’ve learned from someone else.

The author of the book is a former special operations sniper with multiple combat deployments who has spent years teaching military and police snipers.

While the book is intended for beginners, a large portion of the reviews for the book come from shooters with years of experience who have come to understand the why and how of many things they’ve been taught previously. So even the most adept long range shooters will be able to learn and enjoy the information the handbook provides; likely taking the information with them and growing from it.

This book is a great addition to any shooter’s library.

AR500 Steel Targets

If you want to provide your gun lover with a more active gift that they can use on the range, then you’ll want to look into these AR500 Steel Targets. They are fun, reactive targets for shooting that will last forever when used as directed. Constructed out of a special high carbon steel, they have also been hardened so that bullets will bounce off upon impact and create a loud ring so you will know when you have scored a hit.

Each target is a half-inch thick (the preferred thickness for heavy Club usage or Military/Police training) which will easily withstand repeated rifle rounds up to .338 Winchester Magnum. If you want to avoid pitting you should remind the gift recipient to keep bullets below 2850 fps upon impact.

The business is veteran owned, so your money will go directly towards those who have served. For the lowest possible price when purchasing targets remember to get them unpainted. That way, your gun lover can put whatever personalized target cover or design that they prefer over the targets after taking them home.

Custom Kydex Holsters

If you’re looking for a custom gift to provide a more personalized present for your gun lover, then check the customizable kydex holsters out. The most obvious benefit of these holsters are that they are customizable. You can choose what type of gun you need it for, the color you know your gun lover would enjoy most, whether you want it for a right handed draw or a left handed, and so much more. You’ll definitely want to subtly extract all of your gift recipient’s favorite features and holster needs before getting this gift. They might see it coming that way, but you can be sure that they won’t be disappointed.

The next best thing about these holsters are the Kydex material that they’re made with. Kydex is a strong, durable material that has a low flammability and allows for easy, frictionless holstering. As an added bonus the holsters are all made within the USA and have a one year replacement warranty.

Battleship Shooting Targets

Another set of targets that will serve as the perfect gift are the Battleship Shooting Targets. Why are they called Battleship targets? Well that’s because of the splatter of white that appears whenever a bullet makes contact with the target.

Get it? It’s like a miss in the Battleship board game. There are also other colored reactive zones within the target that respond to bullet strikes as well. While these paper targets are more of a fun present than an essential one, taking aim at the familiar Battleship game board can make practicing entertaining and engaging.

You can even play with a friend and try to sink each other. Whether you’re buying for an adept shooter or a beginner, this will be sure to make their time on the range unique and enjoyable.


Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit

Perhaps the most important part of gun ownership is cleaning and taking care of your firearms. Any gun owner will tell you just as much, so if you’re looking for a practical gift for your gun lover, then you should look into Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit. We are very picky with solvent and lubrication choices when looking at cleaning kits, but this kit checks all of the boxes (especially for pistol shooters). Anyone you’ll buy this for most likely already has a full cleaning kit of their own, but this will not go unappreciated as an addition to their shooting range bag.

The Hoppe’s solvent smells like grandpa cleaning his guns and the needle-tip oiler lets you apply lubricant freely and efficiently (honestly, anything other than needle-tipped bottles for oil just doesn’t cut it in our book anymore), and the bore-snake will feed easily into the barrel for perfect cleaning and caretaking.

The bore-snake is what really sells this kit as it is incredibly handy and incredibly fast. Cross our hearts and hope to die, this bore-snake is one that we swear by. Of course, it is not going to be a perfect replacement for a thorough barrel cleaning, especially for precision rifles. The most important thing is to grab the appropriate bore-snake for your gun lover’s piece. If they own a 380 or 9mm, you’ll want a 9mm size. If they have a .40 S&W or a 10mm, get the .40 size. Finally, if they have a .45 ACP, get the .45 size. But once you’ve figured out which bore-snake your gun lover will need, you can rest assured that they’ll make the most out of this gift.

Lee Electronic Hearing Kit

If you’re looking for another practical gift that your gun lover probably doesn’t already have in their arsenal, then you should take a look at the Lee Electronic Hearing Kit. The built-in directional microphones make it easy to hear commands on the range and all other ambient sounds to 82 decibels. They help provide a more natural and enjoyable experience shooting, while still protecting you from gunfire noise. The hearing kit actively listens to noise and automatically deactivates sound amplification when ambient sound breaks the 82 dB cap. If your gun lover asks (which they probably will) the Lee Electronic Hearing Kit has an official noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22.

The kit features low profile ear cups for firearm stock clearance and an adjustable headband to provide a secure fit. It has a compact folding design for convenient storage and come in a classic green color. The kit also includes an AUX input and a 3.5 mm connection cord that works with MP3 players and all manner of scanners. There’s also an Integrated power/volume knob for manual adjustment. The kit also provides longevity with 2 AAA batteries included, an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in after four hours to increase battery life (which is approximately 350 hours) and works well with Polaroid AAA Batteries.

.50 Caliber Ammo Storage Cans

Seems like practicality is the theme of the mid-tier gift options. These storage cans are airtight and watertight. Each one is individually and rigorously tested for both, ensuring your valuables stay clean and dry inside. You can’t beat the quality of these ammo cans. They’ll give your gun lover peace of mind, knowing that their ammo is safely secure at all times. As an added bonus, you’ll get a new and unused ammo box with your purchase.

The company warns that all military cans, even new ones, will have some minor imperfections like scratching or uneven painting, but the security of each can will be unaffected.