Franchi Affinity 3: The 12-Gauge Made With Recoil in Mind
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Franchi Affinity 3: The 12-Gauge Made With Recoil in Mind

This shotgun fires well, doesn't need as much cleaning, and won't hurt your shoulder.

Those in the market for a shotgun want a powerful gun with a powerful kick; unfortunately, said powerful kick can be a detriment. So, where can you find a good shotgun that doesn’t ruin your shoulder with recoil? The Franchi Affinity 3 may be just what you’re looking for in a firearm. The Franchi Affinity 3 is made with recoil in mind, so read on to see if it’s right for you.


For a shotgun, you’ll get a good amount of accuracy out of the Affinity. The spread has gone where I want it and the balancing of the gun is bar none. The sight is a keen fiber-optics and the measures taken to prevent recoil considerably increases repeat accuracy. These measures are the inertia driven system and the TSA recoil pad, which are touched on in the recoil section. Regardless, this gun is sure to hit clay pigeons or bird game with high ease of use. There’s even a mount for optics for those who want to be more pinpointed in their shots.


For maintenance purposes, you can’t go wrong with the Affinity. It’s simple to take apart and a breeze to clean, with a straightforward operating system and lightweight parts all around. The use of the inertia driven system inside decreases the need for maintenance. You might be wondering what the difference is between an inertia shotgun versus the typical gas powered shotgun; the main one being that inertia driven shotguns are inherently cleaner because they don’t have gas ports or pistons gunking up internally. The lack of complexity also provides a major bonus.


The Affinity is second to none as far as shotgun handling is concerned. The inertia driven system makes it lightweight and balanced, a lack of internal complexity forming a quick aim and ease in steadying. It’s definitely a new-school gun with new-tech, so if you’re more old-fashioned look to Remington instead.

In addition, I’ve found the gun’s lower weight very useful when taking out hunting because I can swing my aim and steady it in a heartbeat. This is one of the best shotguns I’ve fired as far as overall feel goes. I’d describe it as a hunting shotgun for sure, so if you want something more tactical look here.


The trigger weight is only five pounds, eight ounces, which is airy for a semi-automatic. You can find the safety on the rear trigger guard, which is very nice just for how easy it is to get to it. Speaking of the trigger guard, it’s nice and roomy for those who like to wear gloves while shooting. I’d liken the trigger to my experience with the Remington 597, which is another gun I adore.

Magazine and Reloading

The Affinity was given a large magazine loading port to make reloading easier, which works, even though the latch spring is a bit hard to push down. The total capacity is four rounds, but it comes with a plug that’s nice for hunting which brings it down to two. Overall, still good in this department, I’d say. I personally have more of a preference for pump-action shotguns, but the semi-auto works for the Affinity.

Length and Weight

The Affinity is fairly lightweight at around seven pounds for the 12-gauge variant and six pounds for the 20-gauge variant. As far as length goes, the barrel comes out to twenty-six inches for both versions and around forty-nine inches for both overall.

Recoil Management

One of the biggest selling points for the Affinity is the low recoil for a shotgun of its caliber. This all is made possible first off by the inertia driven system and secondly the TSA recoil pad. The TSA recoil pad softens the blow into your shoulder, which further improves accuracy and keeps your shoulder from hurting too bad after firing for a prolonged time. I can tell you my shoulder almost never hurts after taking the Affinity out to the range, even after hundreds of shots. I’d call the recoil similar to my experience with the Benelli M4, which you can read about here.


The Franchi Affinity 3 goes for $849 to $959 MSRP and you can buy it for even less over the counter. This is a very reasonable price, given the tech. It’s around the standard price for shotguns, not too pricey at all.

My Verdict?

Overall, the Affinity 3 is a fine shotgun to take out to the range or out hunting game. It’s made with your shoulders in mind and it honestly just feels great to shoot. I try to take it out as much as I can, as when compared to other shotguns, it just doesn’t need as much cleaning and I can impress my friends on the range with the easy swing. It’s accurate, it gets the job done, and it’s priced reasonably. If you love shotguns and want the power without the kick, this is the firearm you’re looking for.

Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. His work has appeared in large publications like The Armory Life, Daily Caller, American Shooting Journal, and more. In his free time, he reviews optics on his Scopes Field blog.

Image: Franchi.