Here Are Some Homeschooling Resources While Everyone in on Coronavirus Lockdown
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Here Are Some Homeschooling Resources While Everyone in on Coronavirus Lockdown

It is a tough, but necessary adjustment.

As of today, 91,000 public and private schools in 39 states with more than 41 million students collectively, have closed because of the coronavirus, according to Education Week 

As parents continue to navigate their new role as homeschool instructors, resources are being made available online to meet the needs of families.  

Some schools have begun live-streaming PE classes. Others are delivering virtual content to students, and at some—such as Success Academy in New York—teachers begin the day with phone calls to each of their students and hold virtual office hours later in the day. Families, schools, and free markets are rising to the challenge of schooling during a worldwide pandemic.  

Here are 10 resources to check out for your own family: 

  1. Project Gutenberg is an online library of more than 60,000 free eBooks of the world’s great literature. These great works are available in full online for free because they are older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. 
  2. The Ashbrook Center’s Teaching American History Project is a treasure trove of history resources that “explore themes in American history and self-government through the study of original historical documents.” 
  3. Mike McShane of EdChoice recommends Brain Pop, which offers online resources, interactive activities, quizzes, and lessons in everything from science and social studies to art and engineering.  He also recommends the Cincinnati Zoo’s page, which offers a?Facebook Live safari?every day at 3 p.m. Eastern.  
  4. The entire Core Knowledge Foundation curriculum is now online for free.  
  5. Get a crash course in homeschooling through the Home School Legal Defense Association’s homeschooling through high school page.  
  6. The Space Foundation partnered with Peanuts to create 10 free lesson plans, in its “ongoing quest to catalyze the next generation of space explorers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.” 
  7. Beginning next Wednesday, Code Break will offer a live, weekly webcast to teach students computer science at home, even offering learning options for students without computers.  
  8. The Bill of Rights Institute has a wealth of history curriculum resources.  
  9. More advanced students can check-out the University of Dallas’ Arts in Liberty courses in LogicRhetoricGeometry and Arithmetic, and Astronomy.  
  10. Open Culture provides access to free online courses from universities worldwide as well as audiobooks and documentaries, and EdX offers free online courses from universities on topics such as language, business management, and engineering. 

This article by Lindsey Burke originally appeared at The Daily Signal. This article first appeared in 2020.

Image: Reuters