Meet the Marlin Model 795: An Excellent Rimfire Rifle for Novice Shooters
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Meet the Marlin Model 795: An Excellent Rimfire Rifle for Novice Shooters

When looking for a perfect rimfire for a novice shooter, the Marlin Model 795 is one of the top choices.

With sophistication and good pricing, the Marlin 795 beats out other popular rifles with several key features well-suited to beginners at shooting.

This semi-automatic .22 is an extremely accurate rifle that is easy and safe to use.

At over fifty yards, the Marlin 795 is on target with ease. It is equipped out of the box with iron sights and a ½” base for scope mounting both of which provides added accuracy at the longer distances. Generally, a 4” drop compensation will keep me on target when hunting at 100 yards.

Included with my Marlin was a ten round single column box mag, and there are aftermarket mags available with a capacity of up to twenty-five rounds.

In addition to being accurate, the Marlin 795 is very reliable and trouble-free. I don’t have to worry about failure to feed or fire when I’m out with a new shooter. Kids especially can be intimidated by jams and troubleshooting when learning to shoot.

Thankfully, the dual extractor is a workhorse and it removes spent cases without fail, even when the chamber is dirty. The magazine well gets pretty dirty thanks to its location in the action assembly, but the Marlin keeps on trucking.

Nickel-plated magazines, which are good for rust prevention, feed the uber-reliable (and affordable) .22LR ammo through the action trouble-free. When it comes to handling, the Marlin 795 is excellent for easy use and control. The cocking handle on the right reciprocates with the action, and the last shot locks the bolts back and keeps the action open.

Many experienced shooters may find the lock-back feature superfluous, but that mechanism for a new shooter is a crystal clear sign to indicate that an empty magazine is why this rimfire isn’t shooting anymore.

This rifle is also simple and very handy.

Some passive additions make this an easy shooter as well. Such as the checkered panels on the rounded forend and stock. It is easy to hold and synthetic for toughness without added weight. Easy for kids doesn’t mean kid-sized either.

The Marlin 795 is 37” in total length, with an 18” blued barrel. Nice and light, at 4.5 lbs, this Marlin is a full-sized rimfire. However, it is easily managed by youth shooters without being too small for me to use and enjoy as well.

When I’m teaching with the Marlin 795, the safety features are on-point and much appreciated.

The cross-bolt safety is easy to find at the rear of the trigger guard and easy to use. Additionally, the magazine disconnect prevents dry firing. That eliminates the risk of firing a chambered round without a magazine in place.

All of those features are packed into an incredibly affordable rimfire rife. At only $139, you can’t beat the Marlin 795 in price. You can add accessories, such as a sling, or other customizations such as a different stock. However, they aren’t needed with the Marlin.

Overall, the Marlin Model 795 is simply an excellent weapon for novice shooters. The accuracy and reliability of this rifle make it an ideal choice that won’t put a dent in your bank account. So, either as a nice upgrade to semi-auto from bolt action 22 for kids, or adults hunting small game at home or on the ranch. Shooters of all ages can enjoy the Marlin.

Richard Douglas is a long-time shooter, outdoor enthusiast and technologist. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, Cheaper Than Dirt, Daily Caller and other publications.

Image: Sportsmans.