Report: Apple Moves User Data To China, Despite Privacy Concerns

A customer stands underneath an illuminated Apple logo as he looks out the window of the Apple store located in central Sydney, Australia, May 28, 2018.
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Report: Apple Moves User Data To China, Despite Privacy Concerns

A bad move? 

Apple recently gave control of certain user data to a Chinese state-owned telecommunications operator, after moving the information earlier in the year, according to multiple reports.

Based off of a social media post published Tuesday by China Telecom, the company has taken charge of Apple’s iCloud system for Chines users, TechCrunch reports. Before, users in that country had their cloud data stored in American-based servers, meaning that law enforcement requests had to go through the U.S. legal process. Now, Chinese authorities can go through their own courts, and will make demands to a company that is owned by the government, and thus likely has a submissive relationship.

Apple has said in the past that it has to operate in complete compliance with China’s rules — even if that means cooperating with a country that has been voted the worst abuser of internet freedom for three years in a row, taking the dishonor over countries like Iran, Cuba, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

As apparent by the data storage move, Apple thinks it’s all worth it to serve the massive market. Google, for example, tried to commercially penetrate the country, but later quit after deciding that acquiescing to the country’s strict stipulations wasn’t worth it. It is, however, trying again.

Also like Google, Apple and its leaders, specifically CEO Tim Cook, advocate for progressive ideals, while also personally taking offense to a number of newly-imposed measures over the last two years that they see as misguided, even “evil.” How progressive China, particularly when it comes to the freedoms of its citizens, is highly dubious, to say the least.

Apple did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment in time of publication.

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