Russia to Unveil the Antey-4000 Missile System at IDEX 2021
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Russia to Unveil the Antey-4000 Missile System at IDEX 2021

Moscow hopes that this advanced weapon system will catch the eye of potential buyers.

Russia is taking its advanced Antey-4000 anti-aircraft missile system on the road for the first time, and is apparently seeking to spur international interest for future exports of the long-range platform. Last week, the Russian-based manufacturer of the platform, Almaz-Antey, announced that the air defense system would be demonstrated at the IDEX 2021 international Arms Show in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“For the first time at a foreign exhibition, the company will present information materials on the Antey-4000 long-range anti-aircraft missile system as a follow-up of the Antey range of products,” the company’s press office said in a statement as reported by Tass. “The system has received new air target fighting capabilities: its potential has been expanded in terms of the range, altitude and speed of striking targets.”

The Antey-4000 is the export version of the S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile system, and it was developed as an air defense platform to protect vital administrative, industrial and military installations while its tracked chassis allows for the system to be mobile enough to travel on rugged terrain. It can also be employed in military formations in a range of theaters of military operations.

The platform is comprised of a 9A83M-2E launcher, a 9A84M-1E launcher-loader vehicle and 9M83ME and 9M82ME surface-to-air missiles, as well as transport and launch containers. It was first presented to the public at last year’s Army-2020 International Military and Technical Forum, which was held outside of Moscow in August. The primary improvement of the Antey-4000 over the prior Antey-2500 and S-300VM systems was reported to be the enhanced engagement envelope for all targets engaged by the system.

The Russian-based defense contractor also announced it would demonstrate an upgraded version of the Strela surface-to-air missile system.

“Compared to its predecessor, the Sosna anti-aircraft missile system features a doubled target striking range and a tripled ammunition load, higher stealth properties of its use and a completely automated target tracking and striking system,” the press office added.

Other Almaz-Antey hardware that could be making the trek to the UAE will reportedly include the S-400 ‘Triumf,’ S-300PMU2 ‘Favorit’ and Buk-M2E air defense systems. The company will also demonstrate models of its Viking, Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K and Tor-M2KM surface-to-air missile systems in their stationary and mobile versions; the Palma shipborne anti-aircraft artillery system; and the Komar turret mount for Igla man-portable air defense systems. The Russian state-owned defense contractor—which was created via a merger of the Antey Corporation and NPO Almaz and unified some of the national military enterprises—also indicated that it would provide new information on it products that were designated for naval air defense, including Rif-M and Shtil-1 shipborne air defense systems.

Almaz-Antey is headquartered in Moscow and is the world’s eighth-largest defense contractor. It reported sales of $9.125 billion in 2017 and given that it has increased exports of its popular platforms including the S-400 ‘Triumf,’ those revenues have likely seen a sharp increase in recent years.

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