A U.S. General in Afghanistan Carries a Very Special Glock Gun

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A U.S. General in Afghanistan Carries a Very Special Glock Gun

U.S. Army General Austin “Scott” Miller, a former member of Delta Force and Special Operations, is known to carry certain unique and fascinating weapons.

U.S. Army General Austin “Scott” Miller, the top U.S. officer in Afghanistan, is carrying a special, heavily-modified Glock, according to a report this week.

According to The War Zone, Gen. Miller, who is known for carrying unique weapons, was recently spotted carrying the Glock, complete with a compensator attached. The general was photographed with the weapon while meeting with the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, when Austin recently visited Afghanistan.

In addition to the compensator, the general’s Glock now includes a flared magazine well, “for easier reloading.” The compensator comes from Zev Technologies. Gen. Miller had been photographed not that long ago carrying a Glock that may have been the same one, but did not have the compensator.

“The heavy compensator, designed to counteract the upward movement of the gun during firing and make it easier to put multiple rounds on the same target quickly, is something we’ve never seen before on a U.S. military sidearm in a war zone,” the War Zone report said.

Miller, who was once part of Delta Force and later led the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, is known for his use of unique sidearms, the report said.

In October of 2018, Miller was famously present for the incident in Kandahar when Taliban forces, including a gunman wearing an Afghan Army uniform, attacked and assassinated Gen. Abdul Raziq, the police chief of the Kandahar province, as well as others, according to a Washington Post account at the time.

Miller did draw his weapon, and he did escape the gunfight unharmed, although he did not fire, CNN reported at the time. U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley was wounded in the attack.

Based on feedback, The War Zone added that the configuration of the gun is known as a “Roland Special” or a “Gunfighter Special.” Chuck Pressburg, an Army special ops veteran who now works as a consultant and weapons trainer, is known to favor that particular configuration.

The comments on the War Zone referred to everything from suggestions of additional accessories, to questions about the watch Gen. Miller was wearing in the pictures, to one participant opining that Glocks are “guns for people who really know nothing about guns.”

Glock lost a competitive bidding process for a Modular Handgun System contract to Sig Sauer a few years ago.

The National Interest reported earlier this week, citing a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, that Glock lodged a protest last month against that decision. The GAO, however, dismissed all of Glock’s complaints.

However, per the report, Glock remains very popular across the military, including in the Special Forces community.

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