America Doesn't Like Joe Biden (But He Could Still Beat Donald Trump)

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America Doesn't Like Joe Biden (But He Could Still Beat Donald Trump)

President Joe Biden is facing low approval ratings despite positive economic indicators like easing inflation, stronger wages, and better job growth.


Summary and Key Points: President Joe Biden is facing low approval ratings despite positive economic indicators like easing inflation, stronger wages, and better job growth.

-This paradox persists even though the U.S. economy is performing well compared to other G7 nations.


-The latest inflation data showed a slight decrease, but Biden's popularity remains low. Factors such as his age, handling of immigration, and support for Israel contribute to his unpopularity. Biden is polling neck-and-neck with former President Donald Trump, highlighting voter dissatisfaction with both candidates.

Joe Biden Faces Low Approval Despite Economic Gains

President Joe Biden has not had what can be described as a good week. His deeply troubled son Hunter Biden was convicted on three felony charges related to an illegal gun purchase made while the younger Biden was addicted to crack cocaine. However, the elder Biden continues to face sagging poll numbers, even as inflation has been seen to ease slightly.

In fact, inflation cooled more than expected last month, according to new data released on Wednesday. Consumer prices still rose 3.3% from just last year. That is down from the 3.4% rate in April, and some economists were expecting an increase of 0.1%. Inflation continues to be a concern for many voters with the election now less than five months away.

However, as recently reported (in advance of the latest inflation numbers), there is more than just the cost of goods that potential voters find troubling. Moreover, the United States is seeing stronger wages, better job growth than any nation in the G7, and the best labor market the country has seen in decades. For most first-term presidents the state of the economy would make it easy to cruise to a second term.

The issue is that President Joe Biden just doesn't have very high approval ratings.

It Is So, Joe Biden, They Don't Like You

As further reported, "No matter what has happened to wages, prices, or employment, Biden's approval rating has been in the same, dark place since October of 2021."

The media has been asking the same question for almost two years – Why is President Joe Biden So Unpopular?
Biden is now polling neck-and-neck with former President Donald Trump, despite the fact that the latter is now a convicted felon! The truth is that the majority of Americans don't want to see either man as a candidate for president, and we're heading towards yet another election where the vote is cast against a candidate than for someone.

Earlier this year, in an editorial for The New York Times, Ross Douthat of the American Enterprise Institute offered his assessment of Biden's unpopularity. His age is one factor, Douthat suggested. Biden's handling of issues like immigration and the border were also cited, and that has almost paradoxically driven some Latino voters to Trump. Biden's support for Israel has upset the youth, who continue to protest in support of Palestine.

But the polls could be misleading.

Trump raised tens of millions after he was convicted. His base remains faithful and they remain loyal. Biden's support, even in 2020, was always somewhat muted. Four years ago, a large swath of the country voted against Donald Trump, not really for Joe Biden.

Had it not been for COVID-19 and the pandemic that shut down the country, it is likely Trump would have been reelected. Instead, of being the guy to put up a good show and go down in defeat, Biden managed to surge ahead and won the election.

As a result, by the end of summer 2021, Biden's popularity waned, never recovering. However, Biden could still win in November simply because so many Americans just dislike Trump more.

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