CZ Sharp-Tail Coach: The Ultimate Cowboy Shotgun?

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CZ Sharp-Tail Coach: The Ultimate Cowboy Shotgun?

It's the perfect blend of cowboy cool looks with modern technological design.

Here's What You Need to Know: With it’s sleek design and lightweight maneuverability, this gun offers looks and action.

The CZ Sharp-Tail Coach is the perfect blend of cowboy cool looks with modern technological design. The first thing I noticed about the CZ Sharp-Tail Coach (and CZ Redhead Premier) side by side shotgun is that these guns are purdy! With its Turkish walnut stock and forend, color-case hardened metal finish and laser-etched scrolling, this gun is definitely eye-catching. But aesthetics aside, when I’m in the market for a gun, functionality is always going to be at the top of my checklist. Question is: Does the CZ Sharp-Tail deliver? Read on to find out.


Featuring a single, front-mounted, white bead sight, the shot accuracy is pretty solid. Using standard 00 buckshot, pattern dispersal averaged about six inches per nine pellets when shot from twenty yards. Aim was slightly left of center when shot from the left barrel, and, consequently, slightly right of center when shot from the right barrel. Even so, the dispersal rate of shot will cover a target after both barrels are emptied, and aim height is sight accurate.


The only flaw I noticed in the CZ sharp-tail isn’t really even a flaw. There tends to be a tight break-action when first out of the box, but after some use and oil application, it loosens up to allow fast and easy reload. Other than that, the CZ sharp-tail is a sturdy and reliable shot-to-shot, and doesn’t show any tendency to misfire or jam. 


This shotgun runs on the smaller side (like the Midland Backpack), overall weight coming in at around six pounds. Which means, handling is easy and adjusting for high or low aim is smooth. With a pull length of fourteen inches and a pistol-grip style wrist, this gun is designed for maneuverability. While the length of pull may make the gun a little more unwieldy to the smaller shooter, its sleek design contributes to its lightweight and easy handling. 


Like everything else about this gun, the trigger is no-fuss. The trigger on the sharp-tail is a single selectable mechanical trigger, with the selecter located on the tang. Flick the selecter to the left to fire the left barrel first or to the right to fire the right barrel first. The quick reset on this side-by-side is another great advantage.


Reloading on the sharp-tail is like any other break-action. Press the release mechanism on the right side grip, open the break-action, load the shells, close the gun, and fire. The gun has an extractor feature to help remove shells from the chamber, but it does not eject shells. This is an advantage for those of us that don’t want to go shell hunting when we’re finished shooting. If you’re going for speed in a reload, opening the break-action while the barrels are pointing straight up causes the used shells to fall right out. Simple, fast, easy. The only problem you might run into is what I already mentioned about the stiff break-action, an issue that tends to resolve itself after continuous use. Remember, the safety on this guy is manual! It does not automatically reset after shooting.

Length & Weight

The CZ Sharp-Tail Coach is 37.5 inches in overall length with 20 inch barrels and a 14.5 inch pull. The shotgun’s total weight—unloaded—is only six pounds. 

Recoil Management

Another check in the pro list for this gun is its low recoil. The gun does feature a 2.5 inch rubber heel and butt casing. The actual shots don’t produce much recoil either, even with larger rounds. 


Another great thing is how inexpensive the Sharp-Tail is. The 20 and 12 gauge go for around $1,000 MSRP. It may not be the best gun on the market overall, but you are getting a great deal at this price. 

My Verdict?

With it’s sleek design and lightweight maneuverability, this gun offers looks and action. It’s a reliable and practical choice for any shooter, and it won’t break your wallet. Whether you’re hunting grouse, shooting clay, or cowboy action shooting, the CZ Sharp-Tail Coach won’t let you down.

Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. His work has appeared in large publications like The Armory Life, Daily Caller, American Shooting Journal, and more. In his free time, he reviews optics on his Scopes Field blog.

This article first appeared in April 2020.

Image: CZ-USA