Donald Trump Has One Big Problem He Can't Solve

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Has One Big Problem He Can't Solve

Presidents cannot be elected more than two different times, according to the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment so that means Donald that Trump could serve only one more term.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You He Is Limited To One Four-Year Term If He Wins in 2024: It’s not often discussed, but should former President Donald Trump reach the White House again, he would only be able to serve four years.

This has some Republican presidential hopefuls pointing out the disadvantage of the situation.

It could be seen as a hindrance for the GOP as a new campaign would have to commence in four short years, which might put the party in a bind.

Potential Rival Says This Could Be a Problem for Some Voters

Presidents cannot be elected more than two different times, according to the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment, so Trump could serve only one more term.

Anyone running for vice president would have to deal with this eventuality too. One potential Trump rival who has already bowed out of 2024, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, indicated that primary voters might consider this during the campaign, and it could sway their votes.

Pompeo noted on a radio show earlier that it was essential to nominate a president who could serve eight straight years.

Women Could Be Angling for the Vice President Slot   

Whoever Donald Trump selects as his running mate would have an extra advantage.

This person could run for vice president now or opt to enter the presidential race again in 2028.

Trump may want to pick a woman for his running mate in 2024. This could be former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley or others such as Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders or even Conservative firebrand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

Former Chief of Staff: ‘Four Years Is Not Enough’

Ex-White House Chief of Staff under Trump, Mick Mulvaneysaid to NBC News that the four-year limit could be a factor with some primary voters.

People might say, ‘I’d vote for Trump in a second if I thought he could serve eight years, but four is just not enough,’” Mulvaney explained. This rationale could shave a few points off Trump’s vote and delegate percentage, according to Mulvaney.

Donald Trump or His Supporters Wouldn’t Worry

There’s much Donald Trump could do with just four years – and that would be good or bad based on your own political perspective.

He could change immigration policies and tighten up the southern border.

He may wish to curtail diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the federal government, including banning critical race theory.

He might limit the spending on the war in Ukraine in addition to other executive orders and legislation.

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