Still Waiting for 'Top Gun: Maverick'? Watch This Lego ‘Top Gun’ Video

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Still Waiting for 'Top Gun: Maverick'? Watch This Lego ‘Top Gun’ Video

While this Lego Top Gun trailer may not be the real thing we’ve been pining for, at least it’s something to hold us over until July.


We’ve waited 35 years for the sequel to “Top Gun” and we’re still waiting–but in the meantime, you can satiate your need for speed with this incredible shot-for-shot remake of the “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer made entirely out of Legos.


To be honest, the trailer actually works better in some ways as a Lego property than it does as a realistic depiction of Naval aviation. As we’ve discussed at length in the past, “Top Gun’s” hero, Pete “Maverick” Mitchel, is the sort of loose cannon we wouldn’t want anywhere near the stick of a multi-million dollar war machine. His showboating is dangerous, his issues with anxiety put his wingmen at risk (mental health issues aren’t his fault, but the Navy should know dangerous when they see it), and generally speaking, fighter pilots are usually expected to follow orders, at least from time to time.

But to Maverick’s credit — he really may be the most experienced fighter pilot in his fictional Navy, having shot down multiple fictional MiG-28s in a dogfight that should have ushered in a global conflict between the United States and Soviet Union after decades of staring one another down during the Cold War. This is an important distinction–because in the real world, the United States Navy never did engage Soviet MiGs (fictional or otherwise) over the open ocean… and if they had, a world war likely would have followed closely behind. For reasons never explained in “Top Gun,” however, the Soviets seemed to be happy to take their whoopin’ and be on their way–which may explain why Maverick went from being a loose cannon to a national hero. That must have been enough to have allowed him to stay in the cockpit over the past… 35 years?

Ah, let’s not think too hard about it and just enjoy the show. “Top Gun” was never supposed to be an in-depth look at geopolitics (the bad guys in the MiG-28s are never even acknowledged as Soviet throughout the entire first film and we already know China won’t appear as the bad guy either). The point of movies like these isn’t to show us how awful the world really is, so much as to show us how amazing it can be from the cockpit of the U.S. Navy’s most spectacular jets.

So while this Lego Top Gun trailer may not be the real thing we’ve been pining for, at least it’s something to hold us over until July when this movie finally, hopefully, drops.

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