Sony’s Fan-Favorite QD-OLED TV Takes Home Another Award

Sony’s Fan-Favorite QD-OLED TV Takes Home Another Award

The other major QD-OLED TV on the market, Samsung's S95B QD-OLED TV, was named the runner-up for the awards.


The A95K, Sony’s first QD-OLED TV, hasn’t been available for that long, but it’s already quite decorated. At the end of last month, the A95K was picked as the winner of Value Electronics’ annual TV shootout competition in New York. 

“Following hours of meticulous evaluation and deliberations, the experts crowed Sony the 2022 King of 4K TVs, granting its 65” XR65A95K QD-OLED an average score of 8.9/10. Second place was awarded to Samsung and its QN65S95B QD-OLED with an 8.3, and LG’s OLED65G2PUA OLED came in third with an average score of 7.9,” an AV Nirvana post about the competition said. 


Now, the Sony TV has won another big award. 

The annual EISA Home Theatre & Display Awards were presented this week as the best EISA PREMIUM OLED TV 2022-2023 award. 

“Sony’s best-ever OLED TV features all-new QD-OLED panel technology, based on blue-light diodes and a Quantum Dot layer,” EISA said of the model. The awards are voted on by a huge panel of reviews, journalists, and other experts. 

“As a result, the XR-65A95K’s peerless images offer deep blacks, intense colours and brightness beyond all expectations, perfected by Sony’s multi-faceted Cognitive Processor XR. Movie and TV content looks sublime, and naturally this flagship model is ready for gamers with VRR, ALLM and 4K/120Hz playback. Cementing the XR-65A95K’s status as a high-end OLED all-rounder is the innovative Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system, which provides detailed, full-range 2.2-channel sonics that benefit from automatic calibration. Smart skills are handled by Google TV (including access to the BRAVIA CORE movie library) and the supplied Full HD resolution BRAVIA CAM that enables video chat, power saving and more.”

The other major QD-OLED TV on the market, Samsung's S95B QD-OLED TV, was named the runner-up for the awards. 

The Sony TV has collected very positive reviews ever since it first appeared. 

“Sony’s A95K is the best-looking television I’ve ever seen both from an aesthetic and picture quality standpoint,” IGN said of the model. “The television looks stunning in a living room even when powered off and will beg to be enjoyed the second it turns on. This magnificent display is a first look at the future of display technology, and it is one that is both literally and figuratively bright.”

“The Sony Bravia A95K QD-OLED TV is a stunner of a flagship 4K TV,” Techradar said in a hands-on. “Beautifully designed and offering high-brightness HDR with extreme color depth, it makes full use of its innovative QD-OLED panel. The field is still wide open right now, but so far we're rating it an early contender for screen of the year.” 

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