Explained: 5 Best OTA Antennas for Free HDTV

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Explained: 5 Best OTA Antennas for Free HDTV

These devices offer a way to still get good TV and sports without breaking the bank.

If you’re absolutely sick and tired of those outrageous cable TV bills, maybe it’s time to join millions of others in cutting the cord. However, before making that big decision, make sure you already know which TV antenna is right for you.

In some cases, a top-notch TV antenna will get you more channels than basic cable, with no budget-killing monthly bills to boot. Even a relatively inexpensive antenna will get you access to totally free HD TV from networks we all know quite well—such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

All die-hard sports fans out there need not worry as well, as FOX and CBS carry many Sunday NFL games and ABC will likely handle your NBA fix.

To save you the hassle of searching for the best antenna options out there, here are five to strongly consider.

FLATenna 35

The FLATenna 35 is a flexible, paper-thin indoor TV antenna that is able to receive over-the-air broadcast signals from thirty-five miles. And at $10, you really can’t beat the price. You can upgrade to the fifty-mile version for $39, but the better value still seems to be with the $10 option. The reversible black and white finish provides added versatility for moving the antenna to different locations in the home while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Antop HD Smart Bar

This hard-plastic Antop HD Smart Bar measures a couple of feet across and can be mounted on your wall like a soundbar. The Smart Boost system with built-in adjustment dial enables easier connections and delivers the correct balance from zero to eighty miles. It also comes with a 4G signal filter, an FM tuner, and the ability to connect to a second TV.

Amazon Basics TV Antenna

This visually pleasing Amazon Basics offering has it all—but it will only cost you around $50. Great for both indoor or outdoor use, the antenna can pick up signals from broadcast towers within a sixty-mile radius and delivers full HD 1080p digital picture. It also connects easily to your TV with the included ten-foot coaxial cable.

ClearStream Eclipse

The ClearStream Eclipse is one of the best performers among flat TV antennas in the thirty-five mile category, while retailing for a reasonable $40. It comes with sticky tabs for attaching it to your window, which can come in handy for those seeking simple installation methods. And if you need that extra boost, there’s a $20 antenna amplifier available as well.

Mohu ReLeaf

At around $40, the Mohu ReLeaf is priced fairly and packs enough punch for most folks out there. It features a great design and can fit in perfectly in any living room, all the while giving you access to dozens of channels with its thirty-mile range. Keep in mind that this version is a retread of the original Leaf and is constructed from recycled materials to minimize environmental impact.

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