Explained: Samsung’s New Neo QLED HDTV

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Explained: Samsung’s New Neo QLED HDTV

This Quantum Mini LED TV is billed as excellent for gaming, especially with the new Xbox Series X.

Samsung this week announced its plans to roll out the 2021 edition of its TVs, including the ones that were introduced at CES back in January. 

The one that got all a lot of the attention during CES was the 110-inch Micro LED TV. Samsung had been showing Micro LED displays, including “The Wall,” but this year’s edition is meant for the home. 

But the other big new TV is the Neo QLED line. This one, not to be confused with Micro LED TVs, uses Quantum Mini LEDs, along with the Neo Quantum Processor. TCL also makes TVs with Mini LED technology. 

The Neo QLED line comes in both 4K and 8K versions. The 8K models come in 65 inches, 75’ inches, and 85 inches, while the 4K models (QN90A and QN85A) start at 50 inches. 

The QN85A starts at $1,599.99. The QN90A starts at $1,799.99. As for the 8Ks, the QN800A line starts at $3,499.99 while the QN900A starts at $4,999.99. 

“At just 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs, Quantum Mini LEDs allow for ultra-fine light control,” Samsung said in its announcement this week. “With deep blacks, bright lights, and upscaling technology smarter than any Samsung TV has ever offered, Samsung Neo QLED delivers an ultra-realistic picture—whether you are watching a football game, or playing one on your gaming console.”

The company is also promoting the Neo QLED for gaming, in connection with Samsung’s Official Gaming Partnership with Microsoft for the Xbox Series X

“At Samsung, we are proud to constantly innovate to improve consumers’ everyday lives. Over the past year, technologies that were once ‘nice to have’ became a need, as our homes became offices, schools, gyms, and more,” James Fishler, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment Division, Samsung Electronics America, said in the March release. 

“The role of the TV in our lives has grown—and in 2021, Samsung continues to redefine the role of TV around the needs and passions of consumers.”

How does the Neo QLED line differ from what Samsung was offering before?

“Neo QLED isn’t a huge step up for Samsung’s core TV technology,” CNN said of the new line. “You still have backlighting pushing through a Quantum Dot filter to create an image, along with a processor. But instead of larger backlights, Samsung is using Mini LEDs, which means more can be packed in. More LEDs, in turn, deliver more control over the image… The entry-level Q85A introduces Mini LEDs and the new design language. Q90A features all that, plus it boasts improved object tracking sound, which means better virtualization for creating audio in a room.” 

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