HDTV History: The Arrival of Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs May Be Close

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HDTV History: The Arrival of Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs May Be Close

The technology could find its way to non-TV products too.


Samsung will soon be bringing out its next generation of TVs, known as QD-OLED.  

Last year, Digital Trends described the technology as “a hybrid display technology that aims to take the already very impressive qualities of OLED TV and improve on brightness and color through the use of quantum dots.” It’s been known that Samsung, in 2019, invested over $11 billion in a factory to make what it called “Q1 Line.” 

Flat Panels HD reported in February that the TVs were about a year away, citing information out of South Korea. Since early last year, indications have been that Samsung will unveil the QD-OLED product in 2022. And earlier this summer, a report out of Korea stated that Samsung “will launch the much-anticipated QD-OLED TV in the first half of next year, while expanding its MicroLED TV lines to enhance its presence in the premium market.” 

“Samsung Electronics plans to receive ‘QD (Quantum Dot) display’ panels from Samsung Display next year while Samsung Display will extend its supply of LCDs to Samsung Electronics,” the Flat Panels story said. “The agreement was reached as Samsung Electronics needs a supply of LCDs while Samsung Display needs a customer for its QD display panels. What is more special about the agreement is that President Han Jong-hee at Samsung Electronics and President Choi Joo-seon of Samsung Display are all in on the agreement.”

There hadn’t been much news in recent months about Samsung’s QD-OLED plans, but CNET had a report Wednesday stating that the new model might arrive soon. 

The report said that people will “probably have to wait until CES 2022 to find out how it brands the new TV.” That event will take place in early January in Las Vegas, and it is where Samsung and other manufacturers typically unveil their latest TV models. 

The technology could find its way to other, non-TV products, according to CNET too. 

“While this new Samsung plant is focusing on TV-size displays, the technology could work in phone-sized displays as well,” according to the CNET report. “Since Samsung doesn't seem to have any issue making excellent small OLEDs, I'd be surprised if it's in any rush to upset that market with something as advanced as this. Also, Samsung's phone-sized OLEDs use red, green and blue OLEDs compared to LG's blue-yellow. Samsung tried to make RGB OLED TVs and just couldn't make them profitable. What's more likely, and mentioned in the latest rumors, is they'll use this tech to build ultra-high resolution 8K computer monitors along with larger TV screens.” 

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