Hisense’s H65 Series: A 75-Inch Monster 4K UHD TV on the Cheap?

Hisense’s H65 Series: A 75-Inch Monster 4K UHD TV on the Cheap?

This huge TV will fullfill your streaming needs without breaking the bank.

For several years now, Hisense, along with another Chinese tech giant TCL, has been a strong go-to TV brand for budget-conscious consumers.

You’ll rarely overpay for Hisense’s solid, well-built offerings, but you’ll always land a decent HDTV that the whole family can enjoy for movie nights, sports, and gaming.

Hisense’s 75-inch H65 Series 4K UHD TV is no different, and if you act fast, you can nab this quality set for $750 at Best Buy—that’s 25% off the regular price.

This monster 4K TV doesn’t only boast a monster panel—it also comes with plenty of next-generation advanced features, such as must-haves Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, HLG, and DTS Virtual: X technology. All of these features do a wonderful job to deliver an immersive cinema-like experience without overspending.

Hisense’s 4K Ultra HD resolution means that you’ll be able to enjoy four times more pixels than on your old HD TV, providing images that are incredibly sharp and clear.

The set provides deep, uniform blacks, but know that it does perform better in dark or dimly lit rooms. If you’re more of a daytime TV-viewer or if the room is naturally brighter, be aware that the H65 Series may have a tougher time getting rid of those annoying glares and reflections.

In most cases, gaming should be top-notch—just not on the level of the much-vaunted QLED or OLED panels. If you happen to be waiting to get your hands on the next-generation gaming consoles from PlayStation or Xbox, know that the H65 Series has the ability to provide a solid gameplay experience.

Like Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV, the set’s Android TV smart platform will give you a VIP experience when searching for on-demand content and streaming apps, which include Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, and Disney+. The interface is user-friendly and fluid, and the choices offered are seemingly endless.

The remote control is quite handy as well, giving you the ability to open or search for popular apps, TV shows, and movies or control the volume and inputs via the power of your voice. Google Assistant is built in, so you can also set up smart-home features.

Despite not being overly expensive, the overall design of the H65 Series should be applauded. Definitely not as thin as OLEDs or comparable Samsung models, but it still does exude a slick and refined look and can work as a centerpiece in many living rooms.

Ethen Kim Lieser is a Minneapolis-based Science and Tech Editor who has held posts at Google, The Korea Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, AsianWeek and Arirang TV. Follow or contact him on LinkedIn.

Image: Hisense.