LG Purportedly Working on a 97-inch OLED TV

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LG Purportedly Working on a 97-inch OLED TV

The market for very large high-end TVs is continuing to grow.


Is LG working on its biggest OLED TV ever? A new report says that the company is on its way to achieving that goal.

Both LG and Samsung are planning TVs with cutting-edge technology that will approach the 100-inch mark in terms of size. And while Samsung is getting ready to put out a 99-inch microLED model later this year, LG is seen sticking with OLED, according to Korea Bizwire.

“LG Electronics is also expected to release 97-inch OLED TVs next year. The likelihood increased after LG Display announced a plan to release 97-inch ultra large-sized panels at an international forum,” Korea Bizwire reported, adding that LG could eventually move on to even larger TV sizes than that. The largest current LG OLED TVs are 83 and 88 inches, with the latter representing the largest OLED currently available from any brand.

The market for very large high-end TVs is continuing to grow. As research firm Omdia said, as cited by What HiFi, "75 inch-plus models grabbed a share of 14.6 percent (value terms) in the global TV market in the first half of this year, up 4.4 percentage points from a year earlier.” 

RTINGS’ current rankings of the best TVs on the market are dominated at the top by LG OLED TVs. LG’s G1 and C1, two OLED models from 2021, are #1 and #2, with another LG OLED model, the B1, placing fourth. An LG OLED TV from 2020, the GX OLED, is in third place, with two others from 2020, the BX and CX, also placing in RTINGS’ top ten.

The LG Signature ZX OLED 8K TV, which is the TV that is available in the 88-inch screen size, is not included in RTINGS’ rankings, although it doesn’t appear that the TV has been reviewed by the site. LG’s website currently lists the model, which is priced at $29,999.99, as out of stock.  

“The LG G1 OLED is an amazing overall TV,” the site said of the G1 OLED, its pick as the best OLED TV currently available on the market. “It delivers stunning picture quality for dark room viewing because of its near-infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity. It's also good to use in well-lit rooms for watching sports or TV shows as it has fantastic reflection handling, and the wide viewing angles make it suitable for wide seating areas.” 

It’s not clear when LG’s 97-inch OLED TV, assuming it’s real, will arrive on the market. LG and other major TV manufacturers typically unveil their new products at International CES in January. 

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