TCL Hopes to Debut QD-OLED TV Next Year, Report Says

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TCL Hopes to Debut QD-OLED TV Next Year, Report Says

The Chinese company may beat South Korea's top brands to the punch.

The top-of-the-line TVs these days usually feature OLED or QLED technology, but it’s looking like the next generation of TVs at the top end are going to feature a combination of both, known as QDOLED or QD-OLED. Samsung is known to be working on such technology. Samsung’s display arm is also reportedly talking to other manufacturers about licensing that technology in the future.

But now, there’s a chance that another manufacturer, TCL, could end up beating Samsung to the punch.

Display Daily reported this week that a TCL product development executive said at the recent IFA conference in Berlin that the company is hoping to debut a QDOLED TV at next fall’s version of the IFA event. The TVs will use inkjet printing (IJP) technology, with prototypes available now.

Marek Maciejewski, TCL Product Development Director for Europe, told Display Daily of the company’s plans, making TCL the only company to officially announce QD-OLED plans, and may end up the first company to bring the technology to market. It’s not clear, though, when such TVs might arrive in the United States.

Maciejewski also said that JOLED, the Japanese joint venture formed from the former LED divisions of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, will be among the suppliers for TCL’s panels, although other, unnamed suppliers will also be used. TCL had announced plans earlier this year to team up with JOLED to make inkjet-printed OLED TVs.

“While mass-producing medium-sized displays, JOLED will prove the adaptability and effectiveness of printing technology to large-sized displays through the joint-development with TCL CSOT,” that June announcement said. “By leveraging our proprietary RGB printed OLED technology, JOLED will continue to take on challenges with the aim of establishing a unique positioning within the OLED industry and fulfilling its mission of realizing a world full of excitement and emotions through its cutting-edge devices.”

Also at IFA this year, TCL debuted a new processor for its current QLED TVs, as well as Mini-LED technology. The company calls the AiPQ Engine Gen 2 its “newest intelligent advancement in audiovisual optimization.”

“Driven by machine-learning algorithms matched with vast knowledge in human visual perception, TCL’s AiPQ Engine Gen 2 switches on the full potential of TCL’s big-screen TVs with real-time audiovisual optimization according to various entertainment content genres and ambient watching environments,” the company said.

TCL did not debut new TVs at the IFA event, which was held in a live/online hybrid format. The company released its 5- and 6-Series QLED TVs in September, and those models have been received with mostly positive reviews.

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