Why Now Might Be the Time to Get an OLED HDTV


Why Now Might Be the Time to Get an OLED HDTV

The promotional pricing will only last a while, but it is perfect timing for the big game.

LG Electronics, ahead of the Super Bowl next Sunday, has announced what it described as “limited-time promotional pricing” on its 2020 line of OLED TVs.

Through February 7, the 55-inch BX will get a $300 discount to $1,299. The 65-inch CX will get an $800 cut to $1,999, and the 77-inch CX will be reduced by $1,700, to $3,299.

In addition, two models from the Gallery Series are also both getting big price cuts. The 65-inch GX will drop $1,000 to $2,499, while the 77-inch GX will be dropped by $2,000, to $3,999.

RTINGS, the product rating website, has LG models dominating the top tier of its current rankings of the best available TVs. The GX is ranked second overall, the CX fourth, and the BX fifth. The site’s top-ranked TV is the E9, from 2019, while another 2019 model, the C9, is ranked third.

“Big games call for the biggest and best TVs and experts agree that LG OLED TVs are the world champions,” Tim Alessi, LG USA’s senior director of home entertainment product marketing, said in the announcement of LG’s TV promotion, which referred to the Super Bowl as “one of the most-watched and highly-anticipated sporting events.” 

“With self-emitting pixels that provide perfect blacks, bright, vivid color and fast response times, only OLED TVs have the complete playbook to create a stunning picture and give you a front row seat to all of the action.”

The Super Bowl deal may also be about getting inventory out of the way before the 2021 models arrive. At the virtual International CES last month, LG introduced the next generation of its OLED TVs, and also some TVs that offer other technologies.

The flagship of the company’s new line is the LG G1 Gallery Series, which offers what LG calls the “OLED Evo” panel. LG also debuted a new version of its Nanocell line and QNED TVs.

“Featuring LG OLED evo, our most advanced panel technology yet, our newest OLED TVs are in a league of their own, delivering another level of viewing experience we feel confident in saying is second to none,” the company said in a press release during CES.

In the official CES Awards at the end of the show, LG’s C1 OLED TV was named the winner for Best TV.

“For the past several years, LG’s OLEDs have been the cream of the crop for anyone who demands the best TV quality. Unlike LCD TVs, OLEDs don’t require a backlight. Instead, each individual pixel can turn itself on and off, allowing them to display pure black levels in ways that LCDs still can’t match,” Engadget said in presenting the award. “Sure, we’re seeing higher-quality MiniLED LCD sets coming (LG has those two in its QNED line), but even they’re still trying desperately to catch up with the picture purity of OLED.”

LG has not said when the 2021 OLED TVs will arrive on the market.

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Image: LG.