North Korea Releases Details of Alleged Assassination Attempt On Kim Jong-un

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North Korea Releases Details of Alleged Assassination Attempt On Kim Jong-un

Is this true or just more fakenews? 

North Korean state media has released a video detailing an alleged assassination attempt on Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang accused the Central Intelligence Agency and South Korea’s National Intelligence Service in May of plotting to kill the North Korean dictator with a biochemical weapon at a military parade.

In the recently-released video, Kim Song Il, who the North asserts was hired by foreign intelligence agencies to off the North Korean leader, claims that there were multiple plans. One scheme involved hiding a “nano-poisonous substance in an air conditioner,” and the other involved injecting Kim Jong Un with radioactive polonium. The plan eventually became one to “attach the poisonous substance in the chair of the supreme leadership.”

The “terrorist” assassin asserts that he was tasked with collecting as much information as possible about the area where events are celebrated, specifically the security situation and details about the chair or desk to be used by the North Korean dictator. Kim claims that he was first approached by Do Hui-yun, the director of Citizens’ Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees (CHNK), while he was working in the Khabarovsk Territory of Russia as a lumberjack in June 2014, according to NK News.

North Korea believes that CHNK, a non-governmental organization, is a division or arm of the South Korean intelligence service.

Do reportedly “bribed Kim with money and goods” and deceived him with false information about North Korea and “anti-state propaganda.” Kim says that he met one of the leaders of South Korea’s intelligence division in August 2014. At that time, he was given detailed information on a plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un with various “biochemical substances, including a radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance.”

North Korean state media suggests that the deadly substances could only be produced by the CIA.

“They asked me to make a plan of terror with these bio-chemical substances and handed me over 10,000 U.S. dollars, a Doogee smart phone, and a satellite transmitter-receiver,” Kim explains in the video, which was produced by Uriminzokkiri.

He claims that in 2016, a man named Han attempted to set up an “overseas liaison center” in Dandong, China, where NIS agents were to provide thousands of dollars in cash and the weapons for the attack. “Equipment and materials” for the assassination of Kim Jong Un were sent via South Korean intelligence operatives in March 2017, but the plot was foiled by the Ministry of State Security before the would-be assassin could make his move.

The video is surprisingly detailed and extremely critical of what it calls “state-sponsored terrorism.”

Tristan Webb, a senior analyst with NK News, told reporters that the “DPRK has never before made such a public, detailed, direct allegation of state terrorism by the U.S.”

The accusations lodged against the CIA and the NIS came at a time when U.S. lawmakers were calling for North Korea to be relisted as a state sponsor of terrorism. The alleged assassination attempt also occurred in the wake of reports that North Korean agents were involved in the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half brother Kim Jong Nam, who was murdered with a lethal nerve agent in an airport in Malaysia in February.

North Korea’s allegations may be an attempt to muddy the waters in response to U.S. and South Korean criticisms.

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