North Korea's Missile Test: What You Need to Know

North Korea's Missile Test: What You Need to Know

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un personally oversaw the test. 

North Korea successfully tested a new type of ballistic missile Sunday.

The U.S. military assessed that the missile was a KN-17, a single-stage Scud variant, defense officials told Fox News. While some analysts suspect that this weapon may have anti-ship capabilities, others assess that it could also be used for strikes on logistics and command centers.

The North appears to have tested the KN-17 three times in April, but all of the tests were unsuccessful.

Pyongyang claims it tested a new intermediate-range ballistic missile called the Hwasong-12, a previously unseen designation for a new type of surface-to-surface missile, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un personally oversaw the test. The missile reportedly soared to a height of 1,312 miles and flew around 430 miles before splashing into the sea. The KCNA report indicates that North Korea may have also tested a re-entry vehicle.

The weapon was reportedly designed to carry a larger warhead, as well as increase the number of missiles in Kim’s arsenal capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

North Korea warned the U.S. that “its mainland and Pacific operation region are in range for strike and that it has all powerful means for retaliatory strike.”

Kim said the North “is a nuclear power worthy of the name whether someone recognizes it or not.”

A statement from the White House called North Korea a “flagrant menace.” The Trump administration reportedly intends to pursue tougher sanctions against the regime.

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