People's Liberation Army ups its recruitment game

People's Liberation Army ups its recruitment game

It's a pretty slick ad.


The People's Liberation Army released a new 'action-packed rap' recruitment video a couple of days ago. A couple of the lines in the video have gained some attention such as: 'Are you afraid? No! Are you afraid? No! Just need the order to kill kill kill!' and 'always think about the mission; the enemy forever in your eyes.' Catchy.

It's a pretty slick ad. Although it could be slowed down from its eye-watering, Clockwork Orange-esque pace. What is included in the video is interesting though. While most of the shots are of seemingly smooth infantry manoeuvres and hostage rescues, there is a big focus on 'informationised' warfare: satellites, space launches, global positioning systems and AWACS planes. Also featured is a large segment of China's mobile missile force, the main part of its growing anti-access and area-denial capabilities.


By and large, the image of a modern, highly trained and mobile military force largely represents the direction and intention of the recent organisational and doctrinal reforms instigated by President Xi Jinping. Interestingly, the one thing missing was a feature on China's cyber forces. The US Air Force started recruiting ads for its cyber division as far back as 2008. Can't be long before China follows suit.

This story originally appeared in the Lowy Interpreter

Image: U.S. Defense Department via Wikimedia