Help Wanted: National Security and State Department Reporter

April 19, 2017 Topic: Security Blog Brand: The Skeptics

Help Wanted: National Security and State Department Reporter

The National Interest, a prominent print and online magazine focusing on international affairs, foreign policy, national security, domestic politics and more is searching for a national security reporter to join our online editorial team. This position is based in Washington, D.C.

This exciting position entails writing daily news articles concentrating on the State Department, the National Security Council and Congress. We are looking for an individual capable of breaking stories, who also views them through the prism of foreign-policy realism. This means not only reporting what is happening, but also explaining why, and with what impact on U.S. strategic interests. It is an important opportunity for an ambitious reporter and writer to develop a significant role in covering key issues in a widely read online publication.

This position requires the following skills:

• Reporting and writing on defense and national security issues on a daily basis.

• Covering key players in the foreign policy establishment. A proven record and extensive contacts are a must.

• Ability to break news and cover emerging events.

• Experience in journalism (2 years or more) or online writing/blogging, a background in defense and national-security writing and familiarity with tools used in web production will particularly stand out on an application.

• Successful candidates will also have the ability to write clearly, intelligently, and thoughtfully keeping in mind short deadlines and fast turnaround times.

• A bachelor’s degree in one of the following disciplines: political science, history, and/or international affairs. A master’s degree in one of the above is highly desirable. 

All applications must submit the following: cover letter, résumé/CV, and a writing sample of 500 words or more to: [email protected].