How Bangladesh Can Improve Indian Ocean Security

February 3, 2018 Topic: Security Region: Asia Tags: BangladeshIndian OceanPakistanEconomyRohingya

How Bangladesh Can Improve Indian Ocean Security

The Trump administration should consider increasing the number of port calls and high-level defense exchanges with Bangladesh as well as bilateral and trilateral military exercises.

Jeff M. Smith is a research fellow in Heritage’s Asian Studies Center.

Image: Naval frigates, (from R to L) Malaysia's KD Kasturi, Bangladesh's BNS Abu Bakar and Singapore's RSS Formidable, participate in multi-country maritime joint exercises off the coast in Qingdao, Shandong province April 23, 2014. The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy organized its first multilateral maritime exercises, dubbed "Maritime Cooperation - 2014", off the coast of the eastern Chinese city Qingdao on Wednesday, where 19 ships, seven helicopters and marine corps from eight countries including China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Brunei took part in the drills, Xinhua News Agency reported. REUTERS/China Daily