Ukraine at a Crossroads: End the War or Risk Defeat

T-72 Tank Russian Army in Ukraine

Ukraine at a Crossroads: End the War or Risk Defeat

Ukraine has a very narrow window to turn the momentum of the war in its favor. Even then, the Russians are still holding most of the cards.


NATO only wants to seek a victory for Ukraine and a loss for Russia. However, sober analysis shows that this is an unattainable outcome either now or in the future. If the West refuses to submit to reality, the most likely outcome for Ukraine is a military defeat that could include even the eventual loss of Odesa and Kharkiv and more territory than even Putin’s June 2024 ultimatum.

It is a terrible choice, but at this point, it is better for both Ukraine and Europe to seek the unpalatable but attainable negotiated settlement rather than ignore reality and eventually suffer the ignominy of a decisive military defeat.


About the Author: 

Daniel L. Davis is a retired Army Lt. Col, Senior Fellow & Military Expert at Defense Priorities, and host of the Daniel Davis Deep Dive show on YouTube.