Glock 17: The Best Home Defense Gun on Earth?

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Glock 17: The Best Home Defense Gun on Earth?

The answer: absolutely yes, and it can’t be said fast enough.

If you are looking for the best home defense Glock, look no farther than the Glock 17. One of the most powerful handgun manufacturers in the country, Glock provides homeowners with a perfect package of protection. Let’s start with the basics of what makes the Glock 17 a good gun.

The nitty-gritty dimensional basics start with an overall length of 8” which includes the 4.5” barrel. Just over an inch wide, the footprint alone puts the Glock 17 on the shortlist for home defense options with the easy to conceal size. A 9mm powerhouse, a loaded Glock 17 weighs only 2 pounds. Slim and light, the grip is long enough for a full and easy hold. Finger indents with just enough texture to add traction in the hand without discomfort make shooting comfortable and easy.

When I’m planning for home defense, it is essential that I consider the ease of use for myself as well as my wife. The streamlined nature of the grip makes the Glock 17 an easy weapon for smaller-framed female shooters to fire without trouble. Many gun owners looking for the best Glock for home defense compare the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. I don’t think there is much to argue about here. The 19 is a smaller Glock, with only a scant 2 oz. difference to the loaded weight. The grips aren’t as rugged, which makes the 19 prone to slide in my hand. A lower magazine capacity seals the deal for me.

The higher 17-round capacity of this trusted 9mm was intended to better protect law enforcement users. God bless the 2nd amendment for allowing me to enjoy that defense technology in my own home. Who wouldn’t want the higher capacity when planning for the worst? From protecting the boys in blue to protecting a sleeping toddler in the next room, I want to have zero concerns about needing to reload.

The proven reliability of Glock pistols also gives me peace of mind in knowing that I don’t need to worry about failure to feed or fire either. So reliable, I’ve had to load dummy rounds in my mags to simulate failures for practicing. For those who, like me, plan for the worst in any situation, that extra practice is easy and has a great benefit potential. Even clearing and moving forward through those rounds is so simple. The incredible toughness and reliability that is paramount for those users have been a boon for home defense buyers of the Glock 17.

All leading me back to one thing. Is the Glock 17 best for home defense?

Absolutely yes, and it can’t be said fast enough. When I’m planning for the defense of my home and my family, I need a powerful handgun that won’t fail, is easy to use, and is accurate on target. The Glock 17 is a standout in every one of those ways. My favorite home defense Glock that won’t let me down when it counts.

Richard Douglas writes on firearms, defense, and security issues. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, 1945, Daily Caller, and other publications.

Image: Reuters.