Samsung’s First QD Display TV Is Now Available for Preorder

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Samsung’s First QD Display TV Is Now Available for Preorder

Some analysts are predicting that Samsung could have the best OLED TV of the year.  


After years of rumors and a long production process, Samsung’s first-ever QD-OLED TV is now available for preorder. The technology, developed by Samsung in South Korea, is meant to combine the best of the OLED and QLED/quantum formats. The TVs will launch in mid-April. 

Officially called the S95B OLED 4K Smart TV, the model is priced at $2199.99 for the fifty-five-inch size and $2,999.99 for the sixty-five-inch size. 


TechRadar noted last week that considering the new TV’s features, it appears to be “gunning for LG’s throne” when it comes to OLED TVs. 

“For starters, the Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV is powered by the brand's Neo Quantum Processor 4K, the same found in its flagship Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs. In short, that means the S95B is packing some seriously premium power and allows for a wide range of high-end features,” the analysis said of the first QD TV from Samsung. This includes advanced 4K upscaling, as well as special functionality for gaming. 

"In any case, we think the Samsung S95B QD-OLED is shaping up to be a solid alternative to the dominant LG brand. Judging from its specs, Samsung is pulling no punches in cementing itself as a prime OLED competitor,” TechRadar said. “And with a swathe of hugely impressive TVs under its belt already—including its excellent QLED and Neo QLED displays—the S95B seems like it won't disappoint.”

The new Samsung TVs haven’t yet appeared on RTINGS’ rankings of the best TVs available on the market, although no 2022 models are yet included. Sony’s A90J OLED TV is now the top-ranked TV, followed by the LG G1 OLED and LG C1 OLED, both of which are LG models from 2021. Another Sony TV, the A80J, is fourth, followed by the LG CX OLED TV from 2020. 

Tom’s Guide, meanwhile, suggested last month that Samsung could have the best OLED TV of the year. 

“There's a lot of promise here, with the S95B potentially shaping up to be the TV to beat in 2022. The question is whether people will balk at the price given how impressive OLED TVs are now more affordable than ever,” the site said, adding that Samsung hasn’t been promoting the QD-OLED technology in its marketing materials for the new TVs. 

The first such TV revealed—first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January—was actually Sony’s, although it used a Samsung panel. However, the Samsung version was leaked shortly after when it was awarded a CES Innovation Award. 

“Samsung’s 65” QD-Display TV is the world’s first true RGB self-emitting Quantum Dot OLED display—revolutionizing TV by combining the contrast levels of RGB OLED with the color and brightness of quantum dots for ultimate visuals,” the award description said. 

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