Hard Choices are Needed to Solve Afghanistan's War

July 15, 2019 Topic: Security Region: Middle East Blog Brand: Lebanon Watch Tags: AfghanistanTerrorismPakistanTalibanWar

Hard Choices are Needed to Solve Afghanistan's War

There is a serious flaw in Washington’s approach to Kabul and the war.


The United States should help Afghanistan with economic assistance, and training, advice and equipment for the security forces. And leave some small force for counterterrorism operations. It should improve relations with Pakistan to give it incentives and confidence to help Afghanistan. 

America’s war will end but will continue with another name. Afghanistan and Pakistan will have to take over where Washington left off and both will need its support.


Touqir Hussain, a former ambassador of Pakistan and diplomatic adviser to the prime minister, is adjunct faculty at Georgetown University and the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

Image: Reuters