These are the Best 0.22 Caliber Pistols Out There

October 10, 2021 Topic: 0.22 Handguns Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: PistolsHandgunsGuns.22Self Defense

These are the Best 0.22 Caliber Pistols Out There

While .22s remain amazing weapons to take down squirrels and other small game, they have many other uses.

If you still don’t own a .22 pistol, now is the time to reconsider adding one to your armory. Whilst not offering the power of larger caliber pistols, they can be reliable, long-lasting, and most importantly great fun.

For serious shooters, getting a .22 pistol is a great an inexpensive way of squeezing in more training. And, if you are looking to train someone up to fire a pistol, getting a .22 pistol is the logical place to start.

So think about your priorities, have at look at our reviews above, and make sure you get the perfect .22 pistol for your purposes.

This article by Will Ellis originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.