Here's How to Save the U.S.-Turkey Alliance

September 12, 2018 Topic: Security Region: Europe Tags: TurkeyRecep Tayyip ErdoganDonald TrumpF-35NATO

Here's How to Save the U.S.-Turkey Alliance

It is worth the effort.

The United States committed to repairing its relationship with Turkey in 1978 and must be willing to make that same commitment in 2018. The process of preserving the U.S.-Turkey alliance will be complex and will require deft and careful diplomacy. The damage done may ultimately be unable to fully heal, especially if Erdoğan proves unwilling to compromise even when faced with America’s renewed diplomatic vigor. However, America’s alliance with Turkey is too beneficial for the United States to bury without first making every effort to resuscitate it.

Matt Reisener is a program associate at the Center for the National Interest.

Image: Reuters