A New U.S.-Pakistan Relationship Is Emerging

A New U.S.-Pakistan Relationship Is Emerging

Both sides are keen to move forward after a decade of contentious engagement that brought the relationship to one of its lowest points in history.

The Missing Piece of the Indo-Pacific Strategy?

The U.S.-Pakistan relationship will serve many U.S. interests, but its centerpiece may be an unspoken one. Could the relationship be the missing piece of America’s Indo-Pacific strategy and China policy? Could it allow Washington to exert influence to ensure Pakistan’s regional posture—its strategic partnership with China and conflicted relationship with India—does not undermine this strategy? And could it also be a test case of peaceful competition between the United States and China, an alternative to forcing countries to pick sides?

Touqir Hussain, a former Pakistani Ambassador and Diplomatic Adviser to the Prime Minister, is an Adjunct professor at Georgetown University and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore.

Image: Flickr/U.S. State Department.