Hyun Seung Lee

Hyun Seung Lee is a North Korean escapee and human rights advocate. With an extensive background in international business and military affairs in North Korea, he has contributed to the U.S. government and policy community as a consultant. Hyun Seung has held numerous positions, including a fellow at the Global Peace Foundation and an advisory role at the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK). His career prior to defecting in 2014 involved significant roles in the North Korean shipping and mining sectors, facilitating trade between North Korea and China, and serving as a sergeant in the DPRK Army Special Force. He was granted membership in the Korean Workers’ Party and served as Chairman of the Kim Il-sung Socialist Youth League in Dalian, China. His defection was compelled by severe governmental purges. Hyun Seung is a frequent contributor to media platforms like Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and NK News. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Economics from Dongbei University in China and a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University.