Outdoor Adventures with the All-New Christensen Arms Ranger 22LR

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Outdoor Adventures with the All-New Christensen Arms Ranger 22LR

The Christensen Arms Ranger 22LR rimfire is making solid first impressions in outdoor adventure circles. Here's why. 

The Christensen Arms Ranger 22LR rimfire is making solid first impressions in outdoor adventure circles. Happy to enjoy a weekend under a big sky, when my Ranger 22LR arrived I didn’t hesitate to load up and head for the hills.

My first impressions of the CA Ranger, newly released in 2020, included some appreciation of how light it is. When I’m backpacking, every ounce counts. At just a hair over five pounds, Christensen Arms has carried its mission to provide Americans with lightweight rifles for big game over to this lightweight rimfire. Secured to my pack, the Ranger was a barely-there in addition to my haul.

When I’m out in the wild on an adventure, the Ranger rimfire is intended to be always at the ready for accurate scavenger protection and varmint control at the campsite. For this weekend trek, it was also the highlight on my activities list. Putting the Christensen Arms Ranger through its paces in the bush was much more enjoyable than a tiny target on some cardboard back home.

So, let’s get to the details. First and foremost, one of my favorite features about the Ranger 22LR is the Ruger 10/22 ten-round rotary-style mag. Tried and true, this well-proven magazine alleviates any reliability concerns. An easy-to-use mag, that’s also easy to acquire. What a great choice by Christensen Arms.  

The carbon-wrapped barrel is another great choice, one I’d expect from this manufacturer. Synonymous with Christensen Arms, the top-quality barrel is integrated with an aluminum receiver. The excellent balance of materials throughout is how the Ranger’s weight is kept as low as possible without compromising durability.

Sloped like a tactical rifle, the Ranger is designed for precision shooting. Advertised to ensure half-inch group at 50-yard (MOA) accuracy, there wasn’t any chance that a snake or scavenger was getting within the perimeter of my site. Much of my incredibly enjoyable afternoon was spent with my buddies taking turns picking out long-range targets for each other, and the Ranger 22LR didn’t let me down. My best results came with standard 40-grain ammo and I had zero issues with failure to feed or eject.

Sitting atop the receiver, the zero MOA top rail accommodates my rifle scope, also known as my not-so-secret weapon. Mounting my favorite rimfire scope was a breeze. The bolt handle, with a punchy action, was within easy reach. Designed to avoid interference between my fingers and the scope. With a comfortable hold to my shoulder, and practically no recoil, the overall movement of the CA Ranger rimfire allowed for hours of entertainment.

Reasonably priced at $795, the Christensen Arms Ranger 22LR was a great addition to our weekend adventure. Any shooter, of any age, could easily enjoy the accuracy and ease of handling that the Ranger provides. Rimfires are rapidly growing in popularity, and I’m sure I’ll start to see more and more of these excellent rifles from Christensen Arms when out exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.

Richard Douglas writes on firearms, defense, and security issues. He is the founder and editor of Scopes Field, and a columnist at The National Interest, 1945, Daily Caller, and other publications.

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