LG Announces United States Rollout for Its OLED Televisions

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LG Announces United States Rollout for Its OLED Televisions

The new lineup of 2022 OLED TVs includes sizes that range up to ninety-seven inches.


For as long as OLED TVs have been available, LG has been the top name in the industry. RTINGS’ rankings of the top TVs available on the market are traditionally dominated by LG OLED models, and while Sony’s A90J has overtaken the top spot, LG OLED TVs currently have six of the models in the top ten. 

LG has now announced its rollout plans for its 2022 OLED models, which were unveiled at CES in January. The new lineup consists of a wider-than-usual range of screen sizes. 


The 2022 rollout for LG comes as Samsung, its longtime rival, is rolling out its own TVs, including the first-ever model featuring the new QD-OLED technology. This includes a ninety-seven-inch screen, as well as seventy-seven-, sixty-five-, and fifty-five-inch sizes in the G2 series. The C2 series offers eighty-three-, seventy-seven-, sixty-five-, fifty-five-, and forty-eight-inch sizes, as well as LG’s first forty-two-inch OLED TV.  LG is also offering an 8K Z2 model, along with the B2 OLED TV series and the A2 series.

LG has not announced pricing and availability for the ninety-seven-inch model in the G2 “Gallery Edition” lineup. The eighty-three-inch model arrives in April at $6,499, while the seventy-seven-inch TV will be available in March at $3,999. The seventy-five-inch model arrives in March at $2,999, and the fifty-five-inch model can be purchased in April for $2,199. 

The B2 series includes the seventy-seven-inch model ($3,299), the sixty-five-inch size ($1,999), and the 55-inch model ($1,499), all of which arrive in March. For 8K, the eighty-eight-inch model arrives in April at $24,999. 

The C2 series includes the eighty-three-inch class, which arrives in April at $5,499; the seventy-seven-inch class, which arrives in March at $3,499, the sixty-five-inch class, which arrives in March at $2,499, the 55-inch class, which arrives in March at $1,799, the forty-eight-inch model, which will sell for $1,499 starting in March, and the forty-two-inch model at $1,399, arriving in May. 

The A2 series includes the sixty-five- and fifty-five-inch models, both of which have availability and pricing to be announced. The seventy-seven-inch model arrives in April at a price point of $12,999.

“The next evolution of Self-Lit Pixels brings a new definition of brightness. The latest LG OLED TV features the all-new Brightness Booster powered by an advanced processor making the display brighter than before. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes picture quality, producing deeper shades of black and brighter highlights to reveal incredible levels of detail and color,” LG said in its CES press release

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