Burn-in or Burn-up? LG’s OLED HDTVs May Be Overheating in China and Europe

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Burn-in or Burn-up? LG’s OLED HDTVs May Be Overheating in China and Europe

OLEDs are amazing, but have some challenges with burn-in issues depending on a few different factors. However, some OLEDs might have a bigger problem with overheating. 


In July, LG Electronics decided to recall about 60,000 OLED HDTVs in South Korea to replace power boards that have the potential to overheat, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News.

That issue was thought to be only centered on panels sold in Korea, but apparently, that’s not the case. Now, it appears that some OLED TVs sold in both China and Europe have been affected as well.


The original recall affected eighteen different models of OLED TVs, including the OLED 65G8 and the OLED 77W9 models, sold from February 2016 to September 2019. Similar safety issues, however, weren’t discovered in the 2020 OLED models.

At the time, LG noted that it had already repaired 22,000 out of the roughly 60,000 OLED sets that needed new power boards. OLED TVs sold overseas were not subject to the repairs, but the company admitted that it was in fact “investigating other markets” for potential safety issues.

“The overheating issue occurred only in very few models out of the total that used the component, but we will provide free component swaps for all of them for customer safety,” LG said in a statement.

In China, the State Administration for Market Regulation Defective Product Administrative Center has ordered the recall of thirteen LG OLED TV models sold between 2016 and 2019. An estimated 9,400 sets are believed to be affected.

According to Chinese IT News website fonow.com, the overheating issue is caused by a “quality problem of x-cap single product used to eliminate the interference of impurities in the input power supply, the current in the power supply board increased and the overheating problem was caused.”

In Europe, five LG OLED TVs that were sold in fifteen countries in 2016 and 2017 are being subjected to “investigations” due to overheating issues by the European Commission’s Single Market and Standards Division.

“Whilst conducting the voluntary replacement service in South Korea, where the power board issue was first discovered, LG has continued to investigate the possibility of certain TV models being affected in overseas markets,” LG said in a statement, according to Forbes.

“Through these investigations, LG ultimately found that there have been some cases in markets outside of South Korea. As a result, the replacement program is being expanded globally as a preventative measure to avert any potential issues from occurring in the future. LG has been actively investigating the situation throughout Europe. If we find there are any additional countries in the region where this particular issue has occurred, we will then operate the program in those countries.”

Here is the full list of models affected by the initial recall: OLED65E6, OLED65G6, and OLED77G6 from 2016; OLED65B7, OLED65C7, OLED65E7, OLED65G7, OLED65W7, OLED77G7, and OLED77W7 from 2017; OLED65G8, OLED65W8, OLED77C8, and OLED77W8 from 2018; and OLED65W9, OLED77B9, OLED77C9, and OLED77W9 from 2019.

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