Samsung’s First QD-OLED About a Year Away, Report Says

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Samsung’s First QD-OLED About a Year Away, Report Says

The TVs would arrive in early 2022, which would likely place the introduction of the models at a CES, a popular international technology trade show, next January,


QD-OLED is believed to be the next-generation technologyor at least one of themthat will be used in Samsung’s televisions of the future. The TVs the company unveiled at CES last month didn’t feature QD-OLED. Instead, a 110-inch Micro-LED TV made headlines. But a new report says we can expect to see it in about a year.

According to a report this week by Korea's ETNews, as cited by Flat Panels HD, the Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display divisions have agreed to come together and “move forward” with their plans to manufacture QD-OLED TVs.


“Samsung Electronics plans to receive ‘QD (Quantum Dot) display’ panels from Samsung Display next year while Samsung Display will extend its supply of LCDs to Samsung Electronics,” the English-language version of the story said. “The agreement was reached as Samsung Electronics needs a supply of LCDs while Samsung Display needs a customer for its QD display panels. What is more special about the agreement is that President Han Jong-hee at Samsung Electronics and President Choi Joo-seon of Samsung Display are all in on the agreement.”

The TVs would arrive in early 2022, which would likely place the introduction of the models at CES next January, or possibly sometime earlier.

“They agreed on having Samsung Electronics use QD display panels that Samsung Display is working on for Samsung Electronics’ TVs and having Samsung Display extend production of LCDs that was scheduled to end at the end of this March until the end of this year and deliver a supply of LCDs that Samsung Electronics needs,” the report from Korea continued. “President Han and President Choi made an agreement within such framework and they have decided to push for smaller scale of follow-up collaborations.”

What, exactly, is QD-OLED?

“Simply put, QD-OLED is a hybrid display technology that aims to take the already very impressive qualities of OLED TV and improve on brightness and color through the use of quantum dots,” Digital Trends said in an explainer last year.

Samsung Display had announced an $11 billion investment in the technology in 2019. Reports last fall had stated that Samsung had begun trials of the technology. Another report last year had said that Samsung Display was demonstrating the QD-OLED tech to other manufacturers, including Sony and Panasonic.

“Samsung Electronics has already decided on a TV lineup that it will release next year,” an industry analyst told by Business Korea last year. “If Samsung Electronics decides to adopt QD-OLED panels, it will be able to release QD-OLED TVs in 2022 at the earliest, I think.”

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