Top Dog: Sony’s A95K QD-OLED Named Best 4K TV

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Top Dog: Sony’s A95K QD-OLED Named Best 4K TV

One of the two QD-OLED TVs currently on the market has been honored as the best 4K TV.

One of the two QD-OLED TVs currently on the market has been honored as the best 4K TV. An annual competition called the 4K TV Shootout, hosted by the New York area retailer Value Electronics, crowned the Sony A95K the winner. 

According to Flat Panels HD, Samsung’s S95B, the other available QD-OLED TV, was also part of the competition, as were LG’s G2 OLED TV, Samsung’s QN95B, and Sony’s X95K. 

“Sony’s first QD-OLED TV, A95K, was crowned ‘King of 4K TV’ ahead of Samsung's S95B QD-OLED TV and LG's G2 OLED TV (WOLED). The two miniLED LCD TVs, Sony X95K and Samsung QN95B, came in fourth and fifth place in all SDR and HDR categories as well as the total score,” that report said. 

In a separate competition the following day,  LG's Z2 OLED TV was named the top 8K TV. 

Flat Panels HD, the previous month, gave the Sony QD-OLED TV a positive review. 

“It is not often that a new display panel technology makes it to the consumer market and while Samsung Display’s launch of a new OLED panel type cannot be described as a revolution, it is an evolution of the technology. QD-OLED still relies on organic light-emitting diodes but instead of LG Displays's WRGB with color filters, QD-OLED uses blue OLEDs with quantum dot converters for red and green to make possible a RGB-like OLED panel with potential for cleaner, more saturated primary colors.”

The QD-OLED technology, seen as the next phase in high-end TV, was developed by Samsung Display and has been used in both Samsung Electronics’ own TV, and in the one licensed to Sony, both of which debuted at CES in January. 

RTINGS’ current rankings of the best TVs available on the market have Samsung’s QD-OLED model, the S95B, in the top spot, ahead of two LG OLED models from this year, the C2 and G2. However, that site has not yet reviewed the Sony A95K. 

However, the other side of Samsung's other purported strategy for OLED TVs, a partnership with LG Display, appears to be off. 

According to a report out of Korea, as cited by Techradar, talks between Samsung and LG Display, in which the latter company would have supplied Samsung with W-OLED models for lower-end TVs, have broken down without a deal. The two could not agree on a price, the report said.

“Our new client (Samsung Electronics) had sought to use our OLED panels…While there had been some progress, the process has come to a halt at the moment,” an LG executive reportedly said on an earnings call. 

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