This Samsung 8K QLED Offers Brilliant Picture (But Where Is the 8K Content?)

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This Samsung 8K QLED Offers Brilliant Picture (But Where Is the 8K Content?)

But the change is coming so if you buy now, you'll be ahead of the curve.


Like it or not, we will all be immersed in the 8K TV universe in several years. 

So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of going all-in on an 8K set, you can give yourself a pat on the back because what you’re really doing is future-proofing your TV tech


And right now, there is a darn good deal going on at Best Buy, where you can nab Samsung’s 65-inch Q800T 8K QLED for $3,000—that’s a solid $500 off the regular price. 

Sure, definitely not the cheapest HDTV option out there, but know that this set will be an integral part of your living room for years to come. As more and more 8K content gets developed, you will then get to enjoy the full glory of your big purchase. 

Today, however, there is still a dearth of worthwhile 8K content, as most are still nature documentaries or what you would see in the TV display section at your local electronics store. What consumers really would like to see is more film content released in 8K, which boasts sixteen times the resolution of a standard HDTV (1080p). 

Sorry to say, but you’ll likely have to wait years for that. 

All is not lost, though. Know that the Q800T, like other recent 8K TV offerings by Samsung, comes with 8K AI upscaling technology that can theoretically transform 4K content into 8K

By tapping into this next-generation artificial intelligence technology, these HDTVs are adding in the “missing” pixels to make the content 8K. It is surely a fascinating advancement, but upscaling will never be a substitute for the real thing.

But if you’re just looking to enjoy your weekend Netflix and Amazon movies and shows, you really can’t go wrong with the Q800T. This set offers a premium viewing experience, thanks largely to its next-generation QLED technology and Direct Full Array 24X, providing tremendous overall image quality that features plenty-deep black levels. 

Tapping into one of QLED’s major strengths, the high light output works incredibly well with HDR, and you’ll surely enjoy the vibrant and accurate colors and robust video processing, which will be a boon for hardcore gamers and lovers of intense action films.

As for the design, the Q800T is a classic Samsung. The near-bezel-less panel is as thin as you can get for a QLED TV right now, and it does exude a slick and refined look. This particular model even got rid of the unsightly wide-set legs that sometimes gave consumers problems if they were looking to use a more modest-size TV stand or table. 

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