Vizio’s First OLED TV: The Reviews Are In...

Vizio’s First OLED TV: The Reviews Are In...

Can it compete with LG, Sony and QLED models? 

Earlier this year, Vizio showcased its first OLED TVs, after emphasizing Quantum/QLED products in its most prominent televisions for the last few years. Those TVs were formally introduced in June, and arrived on the market this fall.  They’re available in 55- and 65-inch sizes, starting at $1,300 and $2,000, respectively, priced lower than the OLED TV models offered by LG and Sony.

This month, reviews have begun to arrive for Vizio’s 4K OLED TV line.

RTINGS, in a review published this week, gave the Vizio OLED TVs a “mixed usage” score of 8.4, calling it “an impressive TV for most uses.”

The review praised the TV’s “infinite contrast ratio,” perfect black uniformity,” and wide viewing angles, while listing the “risk of permanent burn-in” and that “VRR support currently doesn’t work” as cons.

“Thanks to its infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity, it's an excellent choice for watching movies in dark rooms. It has wide viewing angles if you want to watch shows or sports with a large group of people. It has a near-instant response time and low input lag for gaming, but its VRR support doesn't currently work,” the review said.

In RTINGS’ latest TV rankings, Vizio’s OLED TV is ranked 19th overall, and sixth among TVs from 2020. It’s first, though, among TVs from Vizio., in a review earlier this month, stated that the new TV “puts LG and Sony on notice.” It praised the “sensational contrast and color,” support of HDMI 2.1 support and its “low price for an OLED,” while its listed cons included that it “doesn't get as bright as the competition,” and that its smart platform “lacks flexibility.”

“As of today, the Vizio OLED is the most affordable way to secure a brand new OLED TV, and crucially, it doesn't at all feel like a significant step down from its closest competitor,” the review said. “There's plenty of room for improvement, but for now, Vizio's inaugural OLED is worthy of celebration.”

According to numbers released earlier this month by research firm Omdia, 10 million OLED TVs have been sold worldwide since 2013, with 3.3 million expected to be shipped this year. Trendforce, also this fall, projected that 62 million TVs, of all technologies, will be sold in the third quarter of this year, which represents a new record.

There are also, according to the Omdia study, currently 19 active companies that are making OLED TVs, although the only ones that sell them in the U.S. are LG, Sony and Vizio. Panasonic and Philips sell them in Europe, and several Chinese manufacturers, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, are in that sector as well.

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