Afghanistan's Murky Choice

The first round of voting in the presidential election is over, but the outcome is far from decided.

Say Yes to a Balance of Power in Asia

New alliances won't lead to another World War I.

The Deep Policy Failures That Led to Ukraine

A proactive policy could have tamped down the crisis long ago and for a lower price.

GOP Hawks Gear Up for War on Rand Paul

Wary at first, neoconservatives are stepping up the pressure on the Kentucky senator.

Ukraine's Political System Couldn't Have Handled Nukes

A Ukrainian frigate spent days with nobody knowing whose side it was on. Imagine that happening with a bomb.

Regional Headlines

No War with Russia? Don't Be So Sure

There is still a real risk that crisis will metastasize into conflict.

Avoiding America's Ultimate Geopolitical Nightmare

The danger of more cooperation between Russia and China. 

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April 20, 2014