Does Putin Want a War?

Given Russia's failure to help implement the April 17 Geneva statement and its bellicose tone, it is increasingly difficult to escape that...

Is America's "Rebalance" to Asia Dead?

Can it hold together through various international crises and cuts to defense spending? 

America's Pivot Paradox: Ukraine, Syria, and Beyond

Can the U.S. make Asia the centerpiece of its foreign policy? Ukraine, Syria and other crises of the day always seem to get in the way....

Obama's Goal in Asia: Reassure Nervous Allies

A critical trip to calm nervous partners and allies in the Pacific. 

Getting it Right: The U.S.-Japan Alliance

An important partnership at a critcal moment. Can Washington and Tokyo enhance ties? 

Regional Headlines

The Tragic Decline of American Foreign Policy

The tough years are coming to an end—yet the United States continues to fade abroad.

Surprise Attack on Iran: Can Israel Do It?

Israel will need to achieve surprise if it hits Iran's nuclear program—yet that's very hard to do.

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April 25, 2014