Canada: The Next Oil Superpower?

Forget Keystone XL—Canada has bigger dreams. But can Ottawa pull it off?

Misusing History

Stop ransacking the past for analogies. The lesson of history is that there usually isn't one.

America: Choose Your Enemies Wisely

"Getting it wrong can lead to serious, damaging consequences."

Was Ukraine Betrayed at Geneva?

A Munich for the 21st Century? You decide.

The Demographics Unit: A Blot on Bloomberg's Legacy

He thinks he's heaven-bound, but we should judge him for his surveillance here.

The Guns of April?

The lessons of World War I for today's Ukraine dispute.

Regional Headlines

The Tragic Decline of American Foreign Policy

The tough years are coming to an end—yet the United States continues to fade abroad.

Surprise Attack on Iran: Can Israel Do It?

Israel will need to achieve surprise if it hits Iran's nuclear program—yet that's very hard to do.

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April 23, 2014