Let Asia Go Nuclear

America has pushed its allies to refrain from developing nuclear weapons. Counterintuitively, that's making nuclear deterrence less reliable.

Time for a Larger Australia

An underestimated country needs to live up to its potential and become a great power.

Draw a Big Red Line in Asia

Tell China exactly where we stand.

Indonesia and Australia: Friends Again?

There are many ways the troubled pair can move forward from a spying scandal and other tensions.

Will Abbott Change Australia's Foreign Policy?

The incoming prime minister is a complicated and evolving figure.

China's Blue-Water Ambitions

China is not going to field a navy with a global reach anytime soon. But its attempts to do so could touch off a new arms race.

America: Thug for Hire

As the WikiLeaks documents make clear, many of Washington's so-called allies simply view America as convenient muscle on call.

The Caucasian Wars Go Pacific

Beware the mighty microstate.

Allies and Independent Thinking

It's good to have friends and allies who march to a different beat. Just look at the invasion of Iraq.

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April 19, 2014