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The Korean Crisis Can Only Get Worse

President Donald Trump shocked foreign policy professionals during his presidential campaign when he stated that he was willing to talk to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Earlier this year, he took up Kim’s surprise summit offer, resulting in the foreign policy shocker of the year.

North Korea Won't Fall for the Libya Disarmament Trap

The Trump administration may or may not have a negotiating strategy with the North Koreans in the works. The amount and extreme pace of diplomatic activity on the Korean Peninsula over the past four months (Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just returned from his second trip to North Korea with three American prisoners in tow), coupled with President Trump’s acceptance of Kim Jong-un’s offer to meet, has forced the White House to quickly put a plan together.

Could America Pull Troops Out of South Korea If It Wanted?

Today the world waits to see whether toughened sanctions, hard nose diplomacy, and even exchanges of nuclear ‘red button’ threats have worked to persuade Kim Jong-Un to give up his nuclear arsenal.  At the very least, these Administration initiatives appear to have played a major role in prompting what will be a remarkable summit conference between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump.

Kim Jong Un Freed American Prisoners to Seize Diplomatic Advantage at Trump-Kim Summit

On May 9, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made his second visit to Pyongyang. He was there presumably to finalize details involving the upcoming summit between American President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un on June 12 in Singapore. However, the more important mission might have been freeing three Americans in North Korean custody. Their liberation is good news all around. It demonstrates Kim’s skillful foreign policy and gives Trump another win ahead of the summit.