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Want to Open the Ultimate Pandora's Box? Bomb North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made waves last week when he suggested that military action against North Korea was an option. He pointedly said that former President Barack Obama’s ‘strategic patience’ approach was over. Tillerson did not say what military options were under consideration, but bombing is the likely choice. The US has air superiority over North Korea by a wide margin, while it is unclear what kind of naval action would be available, and ground action of course has huge risks.

Help Wanted: National Security and State Department Reporter

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This exciting position entails writing daily news articles concentrating on the State Department and National Security Council from a realist and restraint-oriented perspective in foreign affairs.

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Is McCain Beyond His Prime?

Sen. John McCain has the reputation of a foreign-policy maven. He pays attention to little other than foreign affairs. When he ran for president in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, he admitted that he didn’t know much about economics, which helped doom his candidacy. Unfortunately, he shows no greater sophistication when it comes to his favorite topic.

Trump's Embrace Puts Taiwan in a Tough Spot

Tensions between Taipei and Beijing have been rising since the electoral landslide by the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan’s January 2016 presidential and legislative elections. DPP president Tsai Ing-wen has endeavored to chart a delicate middle course. She seeks to enlarge her country’s diplomatic links with other nations and assert key Taiwanese strategic and economic interests in such places as the South China Sea. At the same time, Tsai has thus far sought to avoid truly provocative moves that would infuriate Beijing and lead to a crisis.

Four Ways President Trump Could Take Charge of the North Korea Debacle

The Korean Peninsula long has provided one of the greatest political challenges facing Washington, DC. But it’s not just North Korea. Today, the South is in political flux, with a rushed presidential campaign to come, a new president to take office in May and a potentially dramatic change in foreign policy.

On Friday, the Constitutional Court confirmed the National Assembly’s impeachment of President Park Geun-hye. An election must be held within two months, likely on May 9.

I Met the Real "Band of Brothers" (And Their Story Is More Amazing Than You Think)

I have always been an avid student of history, especially within my then-profession of the military. In early 2006 I had just returned from my first deployment to Afghanistan, my second combat deployment at the time, when I was afforded the rare opportunity to meet one of the great legends of World War II, then-84 year old William “Wild Bill” Guarnere. He had achieved considerable fame with the release of the HBO series Band of Brothers in 2001.

Trump Should Accept the Realities on the Ground in Syria

Late last month, after a preliminary thirty-day review of the U.S. war strategy against the Islamic State, the Pentagon delivered its list of options to the White House per President Donald Trump’s order. The details that have been leaked out in drips over the past week portray a Trump administration that is prepared to continue its predecessor's counter-ISIS strategy, but with far more resources to do the job.

Why Is Trump Abandoning the Foreign Policy that Brought Him Victory?

Candidate Donald Trump offered a sharp break from his predecessors. He was particularly critical of neoconservatives, who seemed to back war at every turn.

Indeed, he promised not to include in his administration “those who have perfect resumes but very little to brag about except responsibility for a long history of failed policies and continued losses at war.” And he’s generally kept that commitment, for instance rejecting as deputy secretary of state Elliot Abrams, who said Trump was unfit to be president.