The Skeptics

The Real Terrorism Problem: There is No Such Thing as Perfect Security

In a span of a few hours, the United States experienced a series of lone-wolf terrorist attacks from individuals who law enforcement authorities believe don’t have direct operational connections with international terrorist organizations. On the streets of New York, the pressure cooker explosion in the densely packed Chelsea neighborhood on a Saturday night was taken in stride; New Yorkers, after all, have witnessed acts of terrorism before, and the NYPD is on constant alert knowing full well that the city is always a top operational target for terrorists.

The Collapse of the UN Security Council

Although the 2016 U.N. meetings seem quite similar compared to others held over the last several years, this week’s debate comes at a time when the international community is inundated with problems in virtually every region of the world.  With the exception of a landmark peace agreement that ended five decades of conflict in Colombia, every region is experiencing some degree of threat that could spiral to a whole new level if the international community as a whole and regional governments in particular are unable to find a way to address them.

Why NATO Isn't a Threat to Russia

Russia’s apologists blame the United States for the recent deterioration of U.S.-Russia relations by arguing that if Washington had shown greater respect for Russia’s interests after the Cold War, Moscow would not have felt the need to safeguard its security by dismembering Ukraine and Georgia.

Expect the Same Old Congressional Maneuvers on Sequestration

If there is one thing Sen. John McCain and many of his colleagues cannot stand, it is the automatic, arbitrary budget caps under the Budget Control Act that have forced the U.S. government to cut discretionary spending across the board. A law passed in 2011 that was originally meant to address America’s massive national debt problem and scare lawmakers into compromising on further deficit reduction measures quickly transformed into what former House Speaker John Boehner called a “meat axe” to the federal government.