It’s Time For America’s Air Force to Overhaul its Drone War Strategy

For some 20 years, the U.S. Air Force has set the standard with respect to creating and operating unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Overcoming its initial reluctance to employ this novel platform, the Air Force now operates the world’s largest fleet of UASs.  It successfully evolved this new capability from the medium altitude, long-endurance RQ-1 Predator, a propeller-driven, ISR platform, to the jet-powered, armed MQ-9 Reaper.

Trump’s Message to the DC Foreign-Policy Establishment: 'You’re Fired!'

I had the opportunity to attend GOP front-runner Donald J. Trump’s foreign-policy speech at DC’s Mayflower Hotel, courtesy of the good folks here at The National Interest. I left with more questions than answers, but one above all others: After Trump fires all the members of the DC foreign-policy establishment, who will be left to craft what he promised would be “a new foreign-policy direction for our country”?