The TPP May Not Be Completely Dead Yet

Will the work that went into negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) go to waste? There are two approaches the remaining members can take. Useful parts of the TPP can be uplifted and transplanted into other agreements. Or the trade agreement can be seen as a sleeping beauty — or better yet, a modern woman who needs no prince but who will wake up and get on with it.

Will China and America Roll Back North Korea's Nuclear Program?

An apparent outcome of the Mar-a-Lago summit between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping was renewed commitment to rolling back North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. Trump muted his aggressive rhetoric towards China, particularly on economic issues. In return, China promised to pull North Korea back to the negotiating table — but is it possible to keep such a promise?

Trump Must Stand up to Kim-Jong Un's Regime

Last Thursday Otto Warmbier was buried.  He was 22, a promising young man at the beginning of what would have been a long and productive life surrounded by a loving family and friends.  The North Korean government seized him while he was with a group of other student visitors, charged him with stealing propaganda, imprisoned him, and then caused his death by torture.

The U.S. Military Just Attached a Laser Weapon to an Apache Gunship

The thrust of the U.S. military’s laser weapon tests have focused on the sea, on land and aboard fixed-wing aircraft. You need a lot of power to generate a beam capable of burning through a target, which limits where you can stick a laser.

But they can work on helicopters, too. Raytheon recently tested a high-energy laser weapon attached to an AH-64 Apache helicopter gunship