The Skeptics

Hillary Will Undo Kerry's Progress With Iran

When Hillary Clinton’s top foreign-policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, recently outlined the candidate’s vision for America’s role in the Middle East, he proposed a twofold approach to the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran: “Raising the costs on Iran for its destabilizing behavior and raising the confidence of our Sunni partners that the United States is going to be there and in so doing try and draw down some of their more dangerous hedging behavior.” Time and again Secretary Clinton has

Ignore the Pundits: The Apocalypse Isn't Approaching

One doesn’t have to be trained as a social psychologist to figure out that the members of the contemporary chattering class are experiencing what could be described as “epoch envy” as they fantasize that they are living another Great Moment In History, and that they are chronicling it for posterity.

Warsaw: NATO's Theater of the Absurd

Time for another NATO Summit, this one in Warsaw, Poland. Each has a theme, several photo ops for the attending leaders, a terrific dinner, an official communique, four or five white papers for reference, and culminates with a renewed resolve for the common defense. The 2016 Warsaw Summit theme is a bit ironic as it focuses on fending off the Russian threat to former members of the Warsaw Pact who are now NATO members. But, as is usual since the end of the Cold War, the Summit is mostly NATO Theater of the Absurd.

Britain's Chilcot Inquiry Shows the Dangers of Ideological War

It’s been one hell of a month for Great Britain. Having voted to leave the European Union and seen off Prime Minister David Cameron, the mother country is now being roiled by a third firestorm: the release of the Chilcot Inquiry. This was a sweeping investigation into Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war, spearheaded by Sir John Chilcot.

No, Bangladesh Isn't Turning into Pakistan

The recent terrorist carnage in Dhaka has led people to speculate that Bangladesh is becoming another Pakistan. This is a simplistic proposition. While Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan for a quarter century, its political culture is vastly different from (West) Pakistan. In fact, what was then East Pakistan seceded from the geographical absurdity that was Pakistan because of the vast differences in their political, social and economic profiles.

America Should Step Back from the Taiwan Time Bomb

Tensions between Taiwan and Mainland China rose another notch on July 1 when the Republic of China Navy accidentally launched a missile in the Taiwan Strait toward Mainland China. The supersonic Hsiung-feng III (“Brave Wind”) antiship missile flew some forty-five miles before striking a Taiwanese fishing trawler, killing the skipper and injuring three crew members.