The Skeptics

What Has Trump Learned in 100 Days?

What can we say about Donald Trump’s presidency after one hundred days? It has been interesting, but perhaps not as interesting as many people feared. At least not yet.

Sweeping changes in domestic policy, including especially his planned crackdown on immigrants and refugees, have been stymied in the courts, and by the same budget realities that Barack Obama confronted. Similarly, on foreign policy, the Trump administration has largely continued, or expanded on, the Obama record. The changes implemented have been matters of degree, not kind.

Has Paul Wolfowitz Learned Nothing?

Over a decade after he left the Bush administration as the Defense Department’s number-two official, Paul Wolfowitz has mostly avoided the limelight. Rather than sign #NeverTrump letters or spout off every week on cable television, he’s tended to quietly influence the foreign-policy debate from his perch as a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute—a think tank full of former Bush officials, which often served as a loyal opposition to the Obama administration.