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Trump Can't Alter Syria's Future

The last few days in Washington have read like the script from 1972’s blockbuster movie The Godfather. Only this time, President Trump is doing his best imitation of Sonny Corleone.

Sonny: I’m going to decide what’s going to be done.

Tom Hagen: All right, but your war is costing us a lot of money, nothing’s coming in. We can’t do business.

Sonny: Well, neither can they! Don’t worry about it.

Trump Can Only Make the Syrian Disaster Worse

Syria awaits President Donald Trump’s decision whether to retaliate against the Assad government for its apparent use of chemical weapons. Doing so would result in little gain while risking a wider war. Instead, the president should follow his initial instinct to withdraw U.S. forces from the war-ravaged nation.

3 Reasons Assad May Have Chosen Another Chemical-Weapon Attack

At the same time the Trump administration is discussing military strike options and deliberating over the extent of the retaliation for the Assad regime’s latest chemical-weapons attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma, the U.S. intelligence community is very likely at work trying to figure out why Bashar al-Assad would use his chemical arsenal at this point in the conflict. The attack, in addition to being barbaric and inhumane, was also puzzling.

A North Korea Success Plan for Trump

Since he inherited the throne of the Hermit Kingdom from his father more than six years ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had never stepped off of North Korean soil. That changed last week, when the young Kim traveled to Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Donald Trump's Dangerous Game with Syria

The scenes trickling out of Douma, one of the largest cities in the Damascus suburbs, are absolutely horrifying. Men, women, and children lying motionless on the ground, killed by an unknown toxic substance allegedly dropped by Syrian government aircraft in the middle of the night. Sleepless and exhausted medical workers who are already begging for resources running around, dousing people impacted by the chemical substance with water and putting oxygen masks on others suffering from exposure.

The President Is Right: It Is Time to Leave Syria

The latest apparent chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government triggered predictable demands that Washington act. But there are no good options, especially ones consistent with the wishes of an American president who plans to withdraw militarily and an American people who five years ago made clear they did not want to get more deeply involved militarily. However, the assault will make it harder for President Donald Trump to exit Syria.

3 Wars Trump Should End Right Now

When President Donald Trump signed the massive omnibus spending bill last month, he did so fleetingly and reluctantly. He called it a “ridiculous” piece of legislation that made a mockery of Congress as an institution, and he sternly made a promise: "I will never sign another bill like this again.”