By Ariel Cohen

A to-do list.

The warts may be hard to hide.

The U.S. nuclear industry is losing ground to foreign competitors—and it doesn't have to.

Moscow has damaged its image and its business climate by keeping the Yukos tycoon in jail.

Russia's role in the Syria deal makes it appear more powerful. It's an illusion Obama shouldn't encourage.

Russia is getting closer to Azerbaijan, and the United States is doing nothing.

Massive maneuvers in Asia are meant to serve as a signal. 

The problem is broader than the Boston bombers, and must be addressed.

The European bailout plan hurt Russian accounts and Russian influence.

Turkey shouldn't fall for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The new antiadoption law harms Russia's interests. It's also plain mean.

Putin does not have much to be happy about as he looks back on 2012.

A series of investigations in Russia's defense establishment highlights a corrupt elite.

The Kremlin wants four more years.

What the stunning election results portend for the country's power transition and political future.

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April 20, 2014