Commemorations and Cheney on President Clinton

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 coming up fast, administration officials are taking the time to reflect on the attacks. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will spend today at ground zero in Manhattan and in Shankskville, Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed. He is traveling with five service members and seeking to highlight the military’s efforts since 2001 to prevent another such attack on American soil.

Panetta got to know the struggle against al-Qaeda intimately during his time as head of the CIA. His predecessor, now-retired General David Petraeus, who made his name in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be sworn in as CIA director today.

Former vice president Dick Cheney wondered over the weekend whether a President Hillary Clinton would have been easier to work with than President Obama. He described her as “one of the more competent members” of Obama’s team.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that Washington has sent a cargo plane full of emergency supplies to North Korea to help with flood relief. The supplies include blankets, soap and hygiene kits. And Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns spent the past few days in Peru and Chile to “deepen relations with these key regional partners,” according to a State press release. He was also representing the United States at the Inter-American Democratic Charter’s tenth-anniversary commemoration.