Europe's Rightward Turn

It's hard not to chuckle a little at Europe's turn to the right. In the Wall Street Journal today James Kirchick of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty suggests that the image American liberals harbor of Europe as a bastion of tolerance and peace-loving burghers is so much buncombe.

Taiwan's Weapons, America's Defense

Washington’s relations with the People’s Republic of China continue along their rocky path. Thankfully, war remains a far distant possibility. However, the United States needs to find the best strategy to constrain Beijing without threatening military intervention. That means relying on America’s friends to defend themselves.

Nowhere is this policy more important than Taiwan.

Obama's Tax War

President Obama has targeted the Chamber of Commerce as his villain in the midterm elections, raising the specter of foreign money being used to buy the election. In his rhetoric Obama is moving steadily to the left. But does he really think that denouncing the chamber will help sway voters? Probably not.