The Inside Story of What a Solider Feels and Thinks in Combat

Heart pounding. Fear. Tunnel vision.

These are just a few of the physical and emotional responses soldiers reported upon their first combat experience.

Sure, there are hundreds of books, movies, and other multimedia that can give a sense of what it’s like to be shot at, bombed, or rocketed. Then there are the stories a soldier or Marine may be told by a senior leader on “what it’s really like.”

Is America About to Go to War Against Iran?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made clear on Monday that the Obama administration’s policy of détente toward Iran is dead.

Now that President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, the United States’ is finished offering the Iranian government carrots, according to the former CIA director. Instead, It’s time to bring out the stick.

Vietnam Has a Plan to Win a War Against China. (And China Could Use It Against America)

Call it poetic justice. But Vietnam's plans to defeat China resemble China's plans to defeat America.

Asymmetric warfare using missiles and submarines. Hit and run tactics. A thousand small cuts to bleed the enemy dry.

Since the days of the Viet Minh, Vietnam has been secretive about its strategy, as the United States discovered during the Tet Offensive. But a pair of American scholars have sifted through the available information to offer a glimpse of how Vietnam would fight its much, much larger neighbor and rival.

Russia's T-34 Tank: The Weapon That Crushed Hitler and Won World War II?

In 1942, careworn Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler lamented to his military intimates at his Wolf’s Lair headquarters near Rastenburg in East Prussia, “If I had known that there were so many of them, I would have had second thoughts about invading!”

The “them” he was referring to were the famed Soviet Red Army T-34 battle tanks that had come as such a nasty surprise to the Nazis in the summer of 1941 and then went on to become a major reason for the panzers being halted at the gates of Moscow.