The Real Russian Interest in US Elections

As allegations of a “Russian hand” behind the release of DNC emails gain momentum, Putin’s incentive to boost Trump is increasingly viewed as beyond question. Yet there doesn’t seem to be any effort to look at the v the discourse about US presidential elections that has been evolving in Russia--long before the DNC scandal. The truth is that Russia’s perceptions about Trump and Clinton are much more nuanced than often portrayed.

Joint Operating Environment 2035 – The Joint Force in a Contested and Disordered World.

Joint Operating Environment documents have always endeavored to describe the military implications of strategic and operational change some two decades into the future. Noting the importance of looking at the future and observing its impact on joint warfighting, General Joseph Dunford, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, noted that “the character of war today is extraordinarily dynamic.” Moreover, he asserts that the joint force must “continually adapt…and innovate to develop the capabilities we will need to win future fights.”

The US Air Force's Close Air Support Plan: The Good News

Earlier this week, the Atlantic Council and other institutions around Washington were briefed on how the Air Force plans a two-phased approach to the recapitalization of its close air support (CAS) fleet. In the next two years, the USAF intends to procure an off-the-shelf observation-and-attack aircraft, deemed the "OA-X," for flying against lesser threats. Very likely, Air Force officials noted to us, this means either A-29 Super Tucanos from Embraer, or AT-6 Texan IIs from Beechcraft.