U.S. Navy Advances Massive Destroyer, Cruiser Aegis Tech Overhaul

The Navy is modernizing its destroyers and cruisers with Aegis technology equipped with new multi-mission signal processors, kill assessment systems, radio frequency upgrades and various on-board circuits, service officials said. 

The upgrades are part of an intense service effort to better arm its fleet of destroyers and cruisers with modernized Aegis radar technologies engineered to both help the ships better attack adversaries and defend against enemy missiles. 

End Games Part I: There Aren’t Always Enough Fish in the Sea

The board game “Fleet” (Eagle-Gryphon Games) is a simple engine-building game with auction mechanics.  Each player starts with limited financial resources that are then used to generate capacity for more resources by purchasing fishing licenses and hiring captains.  The game ends when there are either no more fishing licenses to distribute or no more tokens of fish to extract from the ocean.  Whomever has the most points from licenses, ships and fish, wins.  The lost message in the end game is that, contrary to the adage, th

5 Questions the Reagan National Defense Forum Should be Addressing

This weekend the 2016 Reagan National Defense Forum (RNDF) will be held at Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. One journalist described the forum as a sort of Davos to which I would add one for defense nerds who get to play with real guns, tanks and nuclear missiles rather than just their video game equivalents. The attendees list has always been impressive and this year is no different.