America's Military Is In Danger of Decline (And Trump's New Budget Won't Save It)

President Donald Trump delivered his 2018 budget request to Congress on Tuesday, and as expected, the defense portion is not enough to initiate the military buildup that the president had called for.

Aligning closely with the president’s so-called “skinny budget” issued earlier this year, this proposal calls for $603 billion in base defense discretionary spending and $65 billion for overseas contingency operations.

2018: The Year the U.S. Military Goes "Iron Man"?

U.S. Special Operations Command Plans to Have Some Initial TALOS Iron Man suit Prototypes by 2018

U.S. Special Operations Command is making progress researching, developing and testing a next-generation Iron Man-like suit designed to increase strength and protection and help keep valuable operators alive when they kick down doors and engage in combat, officials said.

Costs of the Clenched Fist

In his first inaugural address, one of President Barack Obama’s messages to America’s adversaries was that “we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”  A few years later, the unclenching of Iran’s fist was marked by the election of reformist Hassan Rouhani and the entry of Iran into negotiations with the United States and five other powers, leading to a detailed agreement in which Iran accepted severe limitations on, and intrusive scrutiny of, its nuclear program and closed all possible pathw