Abu Mazen's Observations

Several ingredients are combining to intensify the usual cant that surrounds the unending Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One is the Palestinian Authority's plan, and Israeli resistance to that plan, to seek recognition of statehood in the fall from the United Nations General Assembly.

The Afghan Negotiation Tango

U.S. policymakers seem to realize that negotiation will have to be part of any reasonably respectable conclusion to the U.S. military expedition in Afghanistan. They have repeatedly said as much. But even many who accept that reality insert a caveat about timing.

Bosnia’s Bubbling Tensions

Nation-building bureaucrats continue their quixotic quest to transform Bosnia-Herzegovina into a viable country. That effort truly symbolizes the triumph of hope over experience. It has been more than 15 years since NATO imposed the Dayton Accords on the three fractious ethnic groups and ended the civil war that had claimed 102,000 lives.