Back to the Well

As the latest American-brokered Palestinian-Israeli peace talks begin in Washington, D.C. the one bright spot in what has been a historically dismal picture of false starts, dashed hopes and inchoate initiatives is the West Bank’s thriving economy.

A fascinating article on the opinion page of Thursday's Wall Street Journal by Hussein Ibish and Michael details how

Allies and Independent Thinking

Small parties and political independents often function as sand thrown into the political machinery of parliamentary systems.  Whatever seats they win in elections to national legislatures make it that much harder for the major parties that must take the lead in forming a government to put together a stable majority.  The result is often deadlock and the need for new elections.

In Defense of Tony Blair

 If Gordon Brown writes a memoir, will anyone care? That cannot be said of former British prime minister Tony Blair, who has been been flayed and sniped at by critics inside and outside the Labour party he did so much to renovate.

Why We Fight

President Obama’s address to the nation last night was alone noteworthy for his clear explication to the American people of why our troops are fighting in Afghanistan. “[N]o challenge is more essential to our security than our fight against al Qaeda” he declared.